HyLyt joins hand with EST Global Inc for seamless data management


HyLyt, a technology and business collaboration startup has joined hands with EST Group, a fintech global financial service provider, for data management and seamless search engine optimisation service.The global tie-up will provide HyLyt with the opportunity to work with a global set of entrepreneurs and provide a window to the financial data management, one of the most challenging service industries. 

Rajat Singhania, Founder, HyLyt by SocioRAC said, “This tie-up is a significant progress for HyLyt, as we become chosen partners for EST Global, a fintech company for all the platforms that they are working on. EST Global has more than eleven global tie-ups and this opportunity will help us work with all of them.”

“It is our endeavor to keep on innovating the platform so as to make it one of the most efficient data integration and business chat platforms that is designed with businesses in mind. Working with EST Global will test HyLyt’s competence and help us to re-evaluate and re-innovate continuously,” Singhania added.

Sindhu Bhaskar, Co-Chairman and the Founder, EST Group commented, “Seamless communication and data management in DeFi is a must. And we are going to integrate the HyLyt as our main communication app for the team collaboration. Our products like BranchX, EST Lend, EST AgrX and EST Development Bank to name a few will have this incorporated in the basic app as well. It will thus become the main communication channel for our entire ecosystem spread in 16 countries in Asia, Europe, America, Latin America, and Africa.”


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