ServiceNow powers enterprise-wide productivity and innovation with new generative AI capabilities


ServiceNow’s annual customer and partner event, Knowledge 2024, ServiceNow,  the AI platform for business transformation, announced new generative AI (GenAI) capabilities to power enterprise‑wide productivity and innovation. New bring your own (BYO) GenAI model offers greater flexibility and choice to customers’ AI‑driven transformation journeys. ServiceNow is also expanding its Now Assist portfolio with the introduction of Now Assist for Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM), helping employees connect strategic planning to customer feedback to drive business impact. Additional new GenAI features like playbook generation and app generation empower developers, accelerating rapid, large‑scale development of low code apps and digital workflows.

ServiceNow also introduced solutions such as knowledge article generation to supercharge agent productivity with faster knowledge sharing and content summarisation. ServiceNow is also bringing Now Assist capabilities to ServiceNow’s secure Government Community Cloud (GCC), enabling public sector employees to improve customer experiences and address public needs faster and more effectively.

According to IDC, enterprises worldwide are expected to spend more than $40 billion on GenAI in 2024, and more than $150 billion by 2027 as organisations realise the value of GenAI and implement it across their businesses. ServiceNow is putting AI to work for people across the Now Platform by delivering intelligent self‑service for employees and customers, boosting agent and developer productivity, and giving customers actionable insights for an even faster path to success, all on the AI platform for business transformation.

“GenAI is a once‑in‑a‑generation opportunity for the enterprise. However, AI is only as powerful as the platform it’s built on. ServiceNow delivers a single, AI platform for business transformation that’s made for this moment,” said Jon Sigler, senior vice president of Platform and AI at ServiceNow. “We have one of the most ambitious GenAI roadmaps in enterprise software today, and our customers are already seeing significant value from their Now Assist implementations. With our latest Now Assist solutions on the Now Platform, we’re helping organisations power enterprise‑wide transformation so they can achieve new levels of productivity, innovation, and ultimately, business impact.”

The adoption of GenAI has happened at an unprecedented speed across both the consumer and business worlds—and ServiceNow has been a first mover with years of investment in AI technology and talent. The Now Platform reaches across departments, securely integrating AI throughout businesses’ existing workflows to fundamentally transform how people work. Customers have responded, and Now Assist has become the fastest selling new product in ServiceNow history. ServiceNow has expanded its GenAI strategy, which centers on customer choice and flexibility, to include multimodal models. These models incorporate and process many types of data, such as text, images, audio, and video, so users can benefit from a range of inputs to get better results.

As it continues to scale GenAI across every corner of the enterprise to power smarter, faster, easier ways of working, ServiceNow is also introducing bring your own (BYO) GenAI model available in all Now Assist portfolios. BYO GenAI model allows customers to tailor their AI‑driven transformation to their unique needs, giving them the choice and flexibility to use either ServiceNow’s multimodal model — Now AI, their own LLMs, or general purpose LLMs as they create more intuitive, efficient, and seamless experiences.

For employees: Accelerating strategic decision making and self‑service to drive business growth

ServiceNow continues to build on its rapidly expanding Now Assist portfolio, so organisations can harness the power of Now Assist to drive tangible business outcomes. New Now Assist for Strategic Portfolio Management helps product managers accelerate decision making and grounds strategic planning in their customers’ needs, leading to higher customer satisfaction and business growth, while new conversational experience for demand creation helps employees synthesise complex customer demands and prioritise work more effectively.

· Now Assist for SPM supercharges the impact of SPM, helping employees close the gap between insight and business outcome. The new solution uses GenAI to enable more strategic decision‑making, synthesising customer feedback and requests all in one place so organisations can respond to evolving needs faster and more effectively.

· Conversational experience for demand creation, available in the new Now Assist for SPM, helps business users create demands faster without having to complete lengthy intake forms. Leveraging natural language to create and modify demands enables accuracy and completeness of data; conversational experience for demand generation alleviates bottlenecks in the prioritisation process and helps ensure the right work is prioritised.

For developers and admins: Boosting productivity with app development and automation at scale

ServiceNow is introducing new capabilities to help teams create apps and scale workflows faster on the Now Platform and to boost developer and admin productivity. New prompt management, Service Catalog item generation, playbook generation, and app generation harness the power of GenAI so developers and admins can create catalog items and playbooks and build net‑new apps in a fraction of the time.

· Prompt management, available initially in Now Assist for IT Service Management, allows ServiceNow administrators to configure and improve the Now Assist experience for agents with a simple point and click interface—no coding required. Admins can easily extend out‑of‑the‑box prompts with the most important, relevant information based on their specific business context and organisation needs, so teams can work more productively and resolve customer issues faster with context‑driven, accurate information, boosting customer satisfaction.

· Service Catalog item generation, available in Now Assist for Creator, allows organizations to easily grow their extensive portfolio of business and IT services, ultimately powering faster self‑service. The new solution uses GenAI to create catalog items based on natural language, enabling developers to generate a catalog item, including a short description, and a set of questions, all based on text prompts. This eliminates the need to manually create simple catalog items, reducing the backlog on one of the most in‑demand requests from the business.

· Playbook generation, available in Now Assist for Creator, accelerates workflow development on the Now Platform by helping process workers, owners, and analysts create purpose‑built workflow playbooks swiftly and at scale. Defining complex, cross‑enterprise processes for automation can consume hours of time, but with playbook generation, Now Assist can design playbooks to define consistent, repeatable, and auditable processes for service delivery teams in mere seconds using natural language prompts.

· App generation, available in Now Assist for Creator, rapidly creates business applications in minutes through simple, natural language conversations. App generation asks clarifying questions to reduce the barrier to entry and fully clarify the requirements, generating application components such as tables, user roles, forms, and service catalog items. App generation empowers non‑technical business analysts, process owners, and developers to get started building even faster, accelerating onboarding and prototyping of ServiceNow applications for intelligent workflows.

For agents and specialists: Infusing GenAI deeper into enterprise processes to supercharge efficiency

ServiceNow is adding new GenAI features across the Now Platform to boost productivity and knowledge sharing for agents and other specialists by quickly summarising, distilling, and analysing information and alerts, and generating content. New knowledge article generation, feedback summarisation, and alert group simplification help agents and specialists work smarter not harder, so they can focus on improving customer experiences, more complex problem solving, and driving business outcomes.

· Knowledge article generation, available in Now Assist for IT Service Management, Now Assist for Customer Service Management, and Now Assist for HR Service Delivery, uses GenAI to draft knowledge articles based on incident/case records and work notes, accelerating company‑wide information‑sharing and boosting incident/case deflection. Simplifying this obligatory, manual process improves both the speed and quality of knowledge distribution and enables a higher degree of self‑service, allowing agents to focus on more complex assignments.

· Post call summarisation, available initially in Now Assist for Customer Service Management, uses GenAI to summarise voice call transcripts when a call ends, enabling customer support agents to accelerate wrap up time, reduce handle time and have more customer interactions.

· Feedback summarisation, available in the new Now Assist for SPM, uses GenAI to analyse and distill customers’ comments and requests so product managers can identify and address priorities and pain points faster and more easily. Less time manually synthesising feedback means more time serving customers’ needs, resulting in better business outcomes.

· Alert group simplification, part of Now Assist for ITOM AIOps, harnesses GenAI to intelligently analyse and group alerts so IT teams can problem solve more holistically, strategically, and efficiently. Identifying patterns between incidents can reveal the bigger picture, allowing teams to uncover and address systemic, rather than piecemeal, issues. Alert group simplification allows IT teams to respond both smarter and faster to incidents, with a broader understanding that enables sustainable and proactive IT operations.

Transforming the government employee & customer experience with secure GenAI capabilities in ServiceNow’s FedRAMP‑Authorised cloud

ServiceNow is also bringing its Now Assist portfolio, powered by a fast, secure, and cost‑effective Now AI multimodal model, to the ServiceNow Government Community Cloud (GCC), so governments can harness GenAI to improve mission customer experiences and best serve the public needs.

With Now Assist through GCC, government agencies can use ServiceNow’s GenAI capabilities for key use cases like code generation, case summarisation, incident summarisation, and GenAI‑powered search to deliver services quickly and effectively, leverage resources more efficiently, as well as build trust with the public.

GCC is one of ServiceNow’s dedicated clouds designed to meet the full spectrum of regulatory, compliance, and security needs for its hundreds of Public Sector customers and is authorised at the FedRAMP High compliance level and at the DoD Impact Level 4.

Driving business impact through GenAI on the Now Platform

ServiceNow has already realised the benefit of its own commitment to GenAI innovation, putting Now Assist to work across more than 20 use cases internally to drive roughly $10 million in annualised tangible benefits. GenAI is helping save valuable time for ServiceNow employees and customers by boosting self‑service, with deflection rates doubling and improving every month. Developers have also seen gains in productivity through Now Assist for Creator code generation, with roughly 50% of automated workflows created using flow generation. Based on data from ServiceNow’s internal use cases, if every IT agent around the world using ServiceNow today used Now Assist, the forecasted productivity enhancement would equal 1 billion hours.

As Now Assist continues to transform how we work, ServiceNow is committed to charting the future of impactful, responsible, and secure AI— embracing open‑science, open‑governance development. Together with Hugging Face, ServiceNow led the creation of the open‑source BigCode project, which since 2022 has fostered the development of LLMs for code to help ensure responsible sourcing, training, and sharing of AI models. Earlier this year, ServiceNow, in partnership with NVIDIA, Hugging Face, and the Big Code community, released the StarCoder2 family of LLMs for code generation—prioritising open‑science, open‑source, and open governance protocols to build trust, promote accountability, and provide transparency. ServiceNow is also a founding member of the AI Alliance, joining forces with other pioneering organisations to advance the principles of open, safe, and responsible AI globally.

Many of ServiceNow’s Now Assist features are powered by a Now AI multimodal model that is fast, cost effective, and secure, powering the best possible GenAI solutions.


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