K7 Computing launches Lifetime Valid Antivirus – K7 Ultimate Security Infiniti Edition


K7 Computing (www.k7computing.com), a global major in cybersecurity, announced the launch of K7 Ultimate Security Infiniti Edition (www.k7computing.com/infiniti), a limited edition antivirus that gives the customer lifetime validity for up to 5 devices. Launched to celebrate the company entering its 30th year of operations, the Infiniti Edition is available only for a month and to the first 50,000 customers worldwide at a special price of Rs. 3,999 plus tax.

Today’s computing users are aware of the prevalence of cyberthreats and the importance of antivirus protection in the always connected world. They are equally aware that antivirus products need to continuously receive malware definition updates to ensure protection against the latest cyberattacks. They also seek locally developed innovative technology that offers multi-device and multi-platform protection for their families at an affordable price. The K7 Ultimate Security Infiniti Edition was created to satisfy the requirement of such users.

J Kesavardhanan, Founder and CEO of K7 Computing, said “K7 Computing has been harnessing the latest technology to fight cyberthreats for 3 decades. Our single-minded mission to keep you and your loved ones safe is exemplified by the many awards we have won and the 25 million users across 100 countries who trust us. We have launched the K7 Ultimate Security Infiniti Edition to protect your family for a lifetime because your enduring peace of mind has always been, and always will be, our priority.”

K7 Ultimate Security is K7 Computing’s flagship antivirus product that protects 5 devices running on any combination of Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. The Infiniti Edition can be purchased at www.k7computing.com/infiniti

Ram Chembrolu, Chief Marketing Officer of K7 Computing, added “Cybercrime will cost the world $7 Trillion this year. Every individual needs to be protected every second on every device they use. The K7 Ultimate Security Infiniti Edition is designed to do just that. Lifetime cyber protection for your family on 5 devices running the most popular operating systems ensures uninterrupted cybersecurity for the digitally-enabled family.”


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