Lenovo sees significant shift to remote working culture in Indian SMBs

Ashish Sikka, Director - Channel and SMB, Lenovo India

Lenovo, global technology leader today unveiled a host of services and solutions enabling Indian SMBs for their current IT needs in the post pandemic time. Lenovo also introduced their latest product offering for SMBs – ThinkBook Plus, world’s first dual screen notebook with an E-Ink display.

Ashish Sikka, Director – SMB, Lenovo India said, “The SMB industry in India has seen significant shift towards work from home and remote working culture. The IT requirements for them are ever evolving and especially in the current pandemic, there is a greater need for an IT partner to meet their end to end needs. With remote working, there is no constant place of work making device management, security, maintenance etc a key priority. Not just that, with the workforce comprising more GenZ and millennials – the requirements from devices are demanding higher productivity tasked with multitasking and good looks.”

He further added, “At Lenovo, we offer end to end IT management for SMBs freeing IT staff to focus on strategic efforts and get time on their side. Today we are excited to share some of these services and solutions and introduce the perfect device solution for the new workforce – ThinkBook Plus. In Q1 FY2021, we became #1 in the SMB segment with 32% market share, and we are on a strong path of transitioning from a PC supplier to an end to end services and solutions provider.”

Lenovo Software and Services comprise a wide array of offerings available to help organizations plan, manage and support their PC fleets. From initial strategic planning to configuration, deployment, security and more – Lenovo has solutions to help companies embrace new workplace technologies.

Lenovo’s Support and Protection Services: Lenovo Premier Support

Lenovo Premier Support is a priority service support providing 24x7x365 direct access for advanced hardware and software customer support. It delivers unscripted tech support by a Lenovo engineer to every employee in every location of the SMB, allowing the IT staff to manage routine support tasks, freeing up their time to focus on strategic efforts that move the organization forward and benefit from priority on service parts delivery. Lenovo Premier Support has also been ranked No 1 according to a global survey by Technology Business Research among IT Decision makers.

Lenovo’s Managed Services: ThinkShield and SmartFleet Services

Lenovo ThinkShield is a custom solution that secures the most critical data and business technologies with comprehensive end-to-end protection, making it an ideal secure service for SMBs. A security-by-design approach is applied to the R&D process from the point of envisioning a new platform till the Supply Chain.

Lenovo Smart Fleet Services is an IT asset management service which is designed to help SMBs gain control of their endpoints (both hardware and software), increase security and compliance, optimize end user experience, and automate routine manual tasks to free up IT time and resources. This service is device and toolset agnostic, meaning whatever devices the organization uses, Lenovo can help optimize their IT management.

Lenovo’s Managed Services: Lenovo Device As a Service (DaaS)

Device-as-a-Service (DaaS): Lenovo’s DaaS combines hardware, services and software into a single, configurable solution for a predictable, affordable periodic fee. This model provides a faster device refresh that ensures companies have the latest technology in order to remain competitive, ensure productivity and satisfy an increasingly demanding workforce. Flexible financing supports customers seeking to restructure their IT infrastructure without having to make significant CapEx purchases at a time when cash flow is limited. Hence, making Lenovo DaaS an ideal solution for SMBs in India who are facing challenges such as enabling remote workforce, strain on finances and economic uncertainty making investment decisions difficult.

ThinkBook Plus: Enhances productivity for the modern multitasker

The latest ThinkBook Plus designed for the next generation workforce, featuring an innovative e-Ink cover display that helps users be more productive when multitasking by improving focus, collaboration and creativity. Featuring a 13.3-inch FHD main display and a 10.8-inch e-Ink display on the cover, users can sketch and take notes with the integrated Lenovo Precision Pen and receive essential notifications when the lid is closed, allowing them to stay focused during meetings. The e-Ink display is made from Corning Gorilla Glass NBT, a unique glass solution for touch-enabled notebooks that provides enhanced scratch resistance, and reduced scratch visibility.

The design innovation around ThinkBook Plus was based on customer insights and data relating to multitasking work practices. The device is a new kind of laptop designed help users fully maximise their multitasking efficiency:

Collaborate better by staying focused during meetings by receiving only essential notifications on the cover display such as calendar appointments, instant messages or important emails. Take notes instantly with the integrated Precision Pen, which can be synced with Microsoft OneNote. Control VoIP calls quickly with meeting hotkeys and experience better audio clarity with Harman speakers and Skype-certified microphones. With Amazon® Alexa® for PC integrated, users can quickly execute several common tasks, without the need to open the laptop.
Create and convert real time ideation into diagrams and notes by sketching on the cover screen with the Precision Pen. Personalise the device with a unique screensaver on the laptop cover and enjoy the laptop experience with a narrow bezel FHD IPS., and dTPM 2.0 enables enhanced hardware security.
Review documents quickly without distractions on the cover display that supports annotations. Open the laptop for more complex revisions leveraging the power of 10th Gen Intel Core processors, Windows 10, standard solid-state storage (SSD) and available Intel Optane memory.
Respond quickly thanks to Modern Standby which ensures emails and updates are received, even when the lid is closed. Smart Power On simplifies Windows Hello authentication with the fingerprint integrated into the power button.

Pricing and Availability

ThinkBook Plus is now available in the color Iron Grey with a starting price of INR 99,990.


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