Lyra Network introduces NAC-GPRS SIM solution for last mile connectivity


In a bid to support the government’s Digital Village program and to end connectivity woes of rural areas, Lyra Network introduced its NAC-GPRS SIM solution, which provides a secure, quick and updated channel for digital transactions, it receives and transfers any transaction flow securely from any kind of POS terminal and connects it to any type of network (PSTN/GPRS/ADSL) with any existing transaction protocol.

Micro ATMs (handheld devices with capabilities of a regular ATM) have also been provided to eliminate the network issues in remote parts of the country.

“Lyra’s last mile solution enables a real-time connection to handheld devices. The solution has been transformational, especially for areas that do not enjoy good network coverage due to lack of infrastructure. Lyra is proud to have delivered on the promise of providing the rural areas with the secured technology for successful payments. We conduct necessary frequent audits for testing and maintaining security standards of our platform,” said Rajesh Desai, Director & CEO, Lyra Network India.

Lyra solutions also achieved 100 lakh transactions a day with more than 10 lakh PoS terminals.

“Lyra’s unique last mile connectivity solution is being used by several business correspondents to provide banking services using mobile handheld devices in the villages or rural sector at a pan India level. A total 10 million connections are being processed per day. Lyra’s contribution to digital villages in the e-payments domain has been quite expansive and extensive,” added Desai.


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