MINDSPRINT partners with ServiceNow to extend solutions and services to enhance customer operations


MINDSPRINT announced it has joined the ServiceNow Partner Program to expand its capabilities and expertise. Through this partnership, MINDSPRINT will maximise offerings in digital transformation and combine ServiceNow platform architecture to provide end-to-end transformation services across technology workflows, supply chain workflows, employee workflows, customer workflows, creator workflows as well as other modules such as AIOps, SecOps, GenAI.

ServiceNow’s expansive partner ecosystem and partner program are critical to supporting the $220 billion market opportunity for the Now Platform. The revamped ServiceNow Partner Program recognises and rewards partners for their varied expertise and experience to drive opportunities, open new markets, and help joint customers in their digital transformation efforts.

As a Registered Service Provider, MINDSPRINT leverages a full suite of ServiceNow capabilities, including technology, enterprise training, and deal registration discounts, to help clients effectively manage and implement digital solutions for today’s fast-changing world.

Dharmender Kapoor, Chief Executive Officer of MINDSPRINT, stated, “As the influence of AI and automation continues to reshape our daily lives, enterprises across industries must rapidly adapt to evolving consumer demands. To remain relevant and competitive, companies are compelled to undertake substantial internal processes and IT system transformations. Recognising this imperative need, MINDSPRINT and ServiceNow have forged a strong partnership, leveraging our respective strengths in IT process innovation, deep domain expertise, and a cohesive ecosystem of interconnected enterprise systems. This collaboration marks a significant stride towards establishing an exemplary ServiceNow Center of Excellence, benefiting our customers worldwide.”

“Working with MINDSPRINT is vital to driving continuous business improvement for our customers,” said Marion Ryan, VP, Alliances & Channel Ecosystem APJ at ServiceNow. “The partnership will enable faster adoption of the Now Platform, which translates to measurable value and higher levels of client satisfaction.”

“Partnerships succeed best when we lean into our unique skills and expertise and have a clear view into the challenge we’re trying to solve,” said Michael Khoury, senior director of partner programs at ServiceNow. “We are thrilled that MINDSPRINT has joined the ServiceNow partner program to extend their capabilities and expertise to drive our customers’ biggest digital transformation initiatives.”

Today, business leaders clearly understand that their business growth is strongly entwined with their technology strategy. To be able to grow, businesses need to embrace rapid digitisation and hyper-automation to make their industry ecosystem faster and smarter. With ServiceNow’s world-class platform, MINDSPRINT can help organisations drive efficiency, bring cost efficiency, scale quickly, and innovate faster without diluting their existing investments and commitment to their IT and digital solutions.


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