NetRack presented Technical Seminar on Next-Generation Data Center Solutions


NetRack, a provider of data centers and end-to-end IT server racks, presented its technical seminar on ‘Next Generation Data Center Solutions’ at BICSI Kolkata. BICSI is not restricted to just conducting events in metro cities, it has evolved over the years and now offers Satellite and Technical seminar platform to support the advancement of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) community in tier 1 and tier 2 cities.

NetRack has been participating in BICSI events and seminars for the past 8 years. This year, Krishnaraj U, Solution Architect at NetRack presented his technical seminar on how the data center industry will be evolving in the next 10 years and NetRack’s role in providing solutions that are future-ready.

Krishnaraj said, “Over the period of time, data centers have grown larger and more complex. With growing complexity and size, the need for intelligence in the IT domain is increasing. Smart racks bring that intelligence to the data center to plan and manage equipment, power and more. We need “racks” that can smartly help businesses to make intelligent use of all IT resources, including IT assets, power, cooling, and network. At NetRack, we offer data center solutions which make DC intelligent, flexible, and scalable. We also ensure that our solutions offer maximum efficiency at reduced operational cost.”

NetRack offers future compatible data center solutions based on the customers’ requirement. It offers Soundproof racks, Intelligent DCs, Modular DCs, and Seismic & Shockproof DCs. With its noise cancellation technology, IT equipment noise is completely isolated and chronic noise pollution is reduced. Modular racks are used to customize the DC blocks based on space availability thereby achieving higher PUE at reduced footprints. Seismic racks are Ultra Rigid Racks build to comply Zone 4 of Seismic activity.

“BICSI helps us in many ways. We learn & share innovative ideas and get a chance to connect with Information & Communications Technology community experts, IT professionals, including design architects, SIs and IT consultants. It also provides a significant opportunity for continual improvement and enhancement of our professional stature”, added Krishnaraj.


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