PhonePe teams up with Cloudera for Flexible Hybrid Data Management


Cloudera, the data company for trusted enterprise AI, announced its collaboration with India’s leading fintech platform, PhonePe. The company has selected the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) to achieve greater operational efficiencies and for higher scalability, agility, flexibility, and reliability. CDP will help PhonePe to shift some of its workloads to the cloud, with the rest of the workloads remaining on-premise.

As a rapidly growing fintech company, one of PhonePe’s key business requirements is managing the scale of its data cluster on a monolithic infrastructure. For this, PhonePe recognizes the need to transition to a hybrid data platform. Answering the call for expanding data challenges, Cloudera introduced CDP and offered a unified data solution that seamlessly integrates data management and analytics on-premise and cloud environments.

Cloudera’s Shared Data Experience (SDX) will ensure that the CDP is secured by design and will further enable PhonePe to access the data irrespective of its location, without compromise. CDP’s flexibility will empower PhonePe to achieve its various business needs through flexible workload migration. It will also give the company an enhanced layer of support by helping PhonePe in a seamless transition to use of CDP and related subscription-based support services, allowing PhonePe to focus more on continued innovation of its data architecture.

“We are thrilled to onboard one of the leading hybrid data companies, Cloudera, to manage our data better. With this partnership, we are confident in achieving greater operational efficiencies, and delivering an even better customer experience. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our data journey, and we are excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead”, says Kisalay Ranjan, Head of Engineering, PhonePe.

“PhonePe is recognized for providing seamless digital payment services as well as for their commitment to leveraging technology to enhance service quality and efficiency. With that in mind, Cloudera engaged in discussions with PhonePe to comprehend the challenges, preferences, and long-term objectives, to accordingly develop customized solutions that aligns with their business goals”, said Mayank Baid, Regional Vice President, India, Cloudera. “Our hybrid data platform includes an observability solution that offers maximum workload visibility, enables predictability of the workloads, and further minimizes the operational overheads. Collaborating with PhonePe has been a delightful experience, and we are excited to continue supporting them in leveraging data to revolutionize their business and deliver exceptional services through the Cloudera Data Platform.”


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