Redis Enterprise Cloud expanded offerings available in AWS marketplace


Redis Labs, the home of Redis, announced that Redis Enterprise Cloud offers are now available in the AWS marketplace. By purchasing Redis Enterprise Cloud through AWS marketplace, customers benefit from simplified, consolidated billing, combining Redis Enterprise Cloud usage with their Amazon Web Services (AWS) usage. 

Additionally, in many cases, customers can use their financial commitments with AWS towards the purchase of Redis Enterprise Cloud. AWS customers now have access to Redis Enterprise Cloud functionality, including the cost effectiveness offered by Redis on Flash, high-performance modern data models with Redis modules, and built-in high availability and local low latency with active-active geo distribution.

Redis Enterprise Cloud on AWS is a cost effective, fully managed Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) deployable in hybrid and multi cloud implementations. Built on a serverless concept, Redis Enterprise Cloud simplifies and automates database provisioning. Designed for modern distributed applications, Redis Enterprise Cloud also delivers sub millisecond performance at a virtually infinite scale. This allows developers and operations teams to deliver intelligent, high performance, scalable, and resilient applications faster using Redis native data structures and modern data models.

“Cloud marketplaces are becoming the de facto standard for purchasing software and services. They offer customers several significant benefits simplifying procurement, consolidating their IT spend, and providing the ability to burn down their committed cloud spend,” said James Calvert, Senior Director, Alliances, Redis Labs. 

“AWS customers can more readily access the full feature set of Redis Enterprise Cloud, resulting in an improved customer experience,” added Calvert.


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