SentinelOne Addresses Southeast Asia’s 43 Million Cybersecurity Attacks with Purple AI


SentinelOne revealed the powerful capabilities of its pioneering AI model, designed to enhance cybersecurity teams facing significant challenges, including the gap of 40,000 cybersecurity roles in India in 2023. Introducing Purple AI, SentinelOne’s latest innovation: an AI-driven security analyst tool set to redefine how security teams operate. Purple AI promises to drastically improve efficiency, saving both time and money by optimising threat detection, investigation, and response processes.”

As the buzzworthiness of artificial intelligence continues to grow, companies are repackaging old capabilities by providing common-language interfaces but fail to deliver the full follow-through needed to make AI adoption efficient. This lack of efficiency further strains resources without allowing practitioners to secure their entire network— allowing over 43 million attempted cybersecurity attacks across Southeast Asia in 2023. Developed to meet the needs of the market, early adopters of Purple AI report executing hunts 80 percent faster, and innovative companies are already taking advantage of this technology to empower their security teams and stay ahead of threats.

“The average enterprise security team receives north of 1,000 daily alerts that require investigation. The same teams must also proactively hunt for threats that evade detection. They are overworked and understaffed and in dire need of help to keep pace,” said Ric Smith, SentinelOne’s Chief Product and Technology Officer. “With Purple AI, SentinelOne is delivering the industry’s most advanced GenAI security technology to help detect threats earlier, respond faster, and stay ahead of attacks in an efficient, scalable way.”

This growth emerges from significant challenges faced by professionals in the field, who are grappling with a shortage of skilled talent essential for maintaining comprehensive vigilance. Cybersecurity practitioners are no longer solely focused on protecting their networks; they are also contending with hackers. These adversaries aim not only to steal employee data but also to employ deepfakes in coercing team members into transferring funds or disclosing confidential intellectual property.

“The security insights provided by Purple AI have surpassed anything PruittHealth had before,” said Richard Bailey, SVP IT, PruittHealth Connect Inc. “PurpleAI assists in identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities, thus bolstering PruittHealth’s overall security. Additionally, it enhances accuracy and reduces human error in data queries, allowing more time for other tasks.”

Far beyond a security chatbot or console search box, Purple AI is an AI-powered security analyst that radically simplifies threat hunting and investigations by translating natural language into structured queries, automatically querying native and partner data, intelligently summarising results, suggesting follow-on queries in natural language, and saving investigations in collaborative notebooks.


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