Softline launches a new high-performance platform, Softline Cloud


The new platform will have significantly higher compute performance, a high-performance HP Primera data storage, and an ultra-fast data bus within the platform powered by Cisco equipment. Virtualization systems will be powered by VMware solutions, which are known for their high reliability.

The platform is easily scalable due to elaborate add-on modules and vendor contracts reducing the delivery time for platform expansion modules by several times. Another benefit of this cloud platform will be its versatility and the ability to combine different solutions with the highest efficiency. Finally, this service is unique by its distributed architecture based on remote sites and contracts with global providers. The new platform holds the bar high in terms of reliability—Softline Cloud provides a 99.982% SLA.

All the capital investments have already been made, and soon the data center equipment will be delivered, installed, and commissioned.

Softline has made a strategic decision to invest in cloud services due to the growing demand for cloud computing capacities from its customers. The years 2020-2021 have become a landmark in the use of cloud services in Russia: the demand has risen dramatically, and we have all the reasons to expect that this demand will remain at the same level in 2021-2022.

Softline Cloud experts state that clouds are a rapidly developing and highly competitive market, so service providers need to make continuous and significant investments in their platforms and products to retain the customers’ interest and ensure the competitiveness of their offers.

“We expect that the new equipment and the work we’ve done will increase the productivity gains in the new segment by more than two times. We see the market demand, we see our competitors make similar updates to their systems, so we keep the pace, developing our services in accordance with the present-day challenges and the latest technologies. It is worth noting that Softline is represented both on the global and Russian markets. We get inspired by the experience of our foreign colleagues and capitalize on their knowledge here in Russia. As a result, the Softline Cloud platform meets all the latest requirements of the present time,”—comments Boris Shoikhet, Head of Softline Cloud Technologies Department.

“We saw a surge in customer demand for cloud solutions last year, and now it still remains high. Even more so, our customers are already showing great interest in the new solution. This is why we expect a sharp growth in demand for the new service after the launch. Now the market is in a situation where companies that have not moved to the cloud start lagging behind the competition. We are making this big platform upgrade to meet even the highest customer needs and to keep our customers among the leaders,”—emphasizes Sergey Azarov, Head of Softline Cloud Services Development.

The platform was presented to customers during the Softline Cloud conference in Moscow on September 23. The event speakers included market experts and leading speakers on cloud solutions from Softline. Customers learned about the new opportunities for business development provided by the updated cloud platform and expressed interest in the new product.

Softline Cloud will continue to develop not only hardware but also technological competencies. Softline cloud service teams also provide technical support and consulting, helping clients not only to move IT resources to the cloud but also to develop their cloud infrastructure.


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