Sophos helps Chitale Dairy combat next-gen cyber threats


Sophos has announced its partnership with Chitale Dairy, a leading manufacturer and supplier of dairy products, to deploy Sophos XG Firewall (virtual), Sophos Intercept X Advanced with EDR and MTR, Sophos Server Protection, Sophos Email, Wi-fi Access Points, Remote Ethernet device (RED), and Sophos Mobile.

Chitale Dairy’s plant processes about 1 million liters of milk per day. The company’s massive scale of operations necessitates the use of more than 20 servers, 250 endpoints and a number of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) networks. As the scale of its operations continued to grow, Chitale began facing frequent virus outbreaks, resulting in several hours of downtime. The company therefore wanted a solution that would be easy to deploy and require minimal intervention.

“We evaluated several vendors to find a robust solution that could multitask – one that would improve the authentication process, provide comprehensive email protection, arrest virus outbreaks, provide in-depth visibility, and optimize our internet speed. Many vendors offered us standalone solutions. However, managing the deployment of half a dozen solutions would not only be more painful and more expensive, but it would also require us to considerably scale up our IT team,” said Vishvas Chitale, CTO, Chitale Dairy.

Chitale Dairy’s first experience with Sophos was with Cyberoam devices. Based on Sophos’ product evaluation, they decided to upgrade and deploy the Sophos XG Firewall across their network. The company also added in Sophos’ server and endpoint solutions, providing broader and synchronized protection across its entire organization.

“Given the ever changing, auto-scaling security environments, along with fast-changing, sophisticated cyber threats, it has become easier for attackers to find organizations with weak security postures. Sophos is collaborating with Chitale Dairy to alleviate challenges such as increased frequency of cyberattacks, non-availability of skilled IT staff and lack of visibility for end users by integrating its security solutions to provide end to end protection. Sophos’ security portfolio is managed by a single management system, providing IT teams with comprehensive visibility and consolidated management across the growing attack surface,” said Sunil Sharma, managing director sales, Sophos India and SAARC.

“The evaluation process was very smooth, and we were able to deploy the entire solution in different stages. Our current solution uses Intercept X Advanced with Endpoint Detection and Response to provide comprehensive protection across the enterprise.” Chitale concluded.

Sophos Synchronized Security enables the endpoint and firewall to share information in real time. This means that Chitale’s IT manager no longer needs to connect the dots. The system automatically shares information to reveal hidden risks and unknown threats. Incident analysis and response also happens instantaneously. The firewall limits the infected system from accessing other network resources, and the infection is cut off at source. All this is done in a matter of seconds, freeing up Chitale’s IT staff from several hours of investigation.

“As a result of this deployment, our company has been able to focus on the business side of IT instead of fighting false positives or chasing after alerts. With all endpoints linked to the firewall, we receive a 360-degree view across the network,” Chitale signs off.


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