TechnoBind Successfully Launches 1st Edition of Fridays with TechnoBind!


TechnoBind, a specialist distributor for data and associated domains has recently successfully launched and completed the 1st edition of its partner platform ‘Fridays with TechnoBind’. Every edition of Fridays with TechnoBind is theme based and the 1st edition was dedicated to the Infrastructure domain. Going forward, the partner meet will be taking place on the 3rd Friday of every month in multiple cities. The 1st edition of Fridays with TechnoBind was launched simultaneously in Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai providing a forum for partners and resellers to connect and achieve collective growth.

“Fridays with TechnoBind is launched with the purpose of strengthening our partnership and tapping into a vast network of industry professionals who are passionate about data solutions to elevate our success and solve customer problems. We are bringing together partners and vendors to have a dialogue on how partners can be engaged better with a ready platform and how OEM’s solutions can be positioned better in the market. While knowledge sharing and networking form the crux of the Fridays with TechnoBind, the two-way feedback makes it distinctive. We are confident that our partner and vendor community will look forward to these monthly platforms,” said Prashanth GJ, CEO at TechnoBind Solutions.

Fridays with TechnoBind, a monthly partner platform is launched with an aim to strengthen and foster a collaborative environment within TechnoBind’s partner community. Robust and flexible infrastructure is crucial for organisations in today’s dynamic tech and business environment. Keeping this in focus, the first theme ‘Infra Story’ was led by the Vertiv team in Bengaluru and ExaGrid teams in Mumbai and Delhi. Friday’s with TechnoBind received an overwhelming response with 32+ partners actively participating. With the rapid advancements in data solutions, it has become more crucial than ever to stay updated, exchange ideas, and adapt to the evolving landscape.

TechnoBind strongly believes in the power of connections and the collective expertise of its partners and serves as a forum where it can be achieved.
“We are happy to have been a part of the Fridays with TechnoBind partner platform. Vendors have a multitude of challenges they come across in the market, through this platform we can help them learn, unlearn and update their knowledge. We also understood the market demand for the solutions and services we provide and get an insight into what customers are looking for.

This two-way street interaction will definitely help us build a stronger partner ecosystem,” said Amit Singh Chauhan, Regional Sales Manager & Salvito Nunes, Regional Sales Manager – India (West-South), SAARC at ExaGrid.
“The partner and vendor teams often work in silos leading to a knowledge gap. A meet-up focused solely on a domain and related concerns is rare. We applaud and appreciate TechnoBind providing the platform through ‘Fridays with TechnoBind’ and bringing together participants from necessary divisions. This helps us strengthen the core knowledge needed to expand ourselves. The two-way benefit we see will definitely help the ecosystem in the long run,” said Chandrakant Bagde, Senior Associate Vice President at Hitachi Systems India Pvt Ltd.

TechnoBind understands the growing technology needs of its customers in the Indian and APAC regions. Constant monitoring of the market landscape and collaboration with OEMs and our partners have helped the company understand where there is a gap in the market and formulate a plan of action to bridge that gap. TechnoBind operates as an extension of the OEMs who are looking to diversify and reach newer markets by providing them with the necessary support for their sales, presales and marketing needs.


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