Uttar Pradesh Police partners with MapmyIndia to give commuters real-time traffic & safety alerts


Uttar Pradesh Police, Government of Uttar Pradesh, and MapmyIndia, India’s leading advanced digital maps and deep-tech company, have entered into an MoU that will ease traffic and improve safety in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Technology from MapmyIndia Mappls will be integrated with the government systems and processes on one side, and provided to consumers, commuters and citizens for free through the swadeshi Mappls maps & navigation app on the other side. DG Police, Uttar Pradesh, Shri Devendra Singh Chauhan, graced the occasion and spoke on the vision and direction by Honourable Chief Minister Shri Yogi Adityanathi Ji to improve the state of traffic in UP state by leveraging technology, which led to this MoU. Senior UP Police officials and MapmyIndia leadership team were witness to the signing of this important and far-reaching document of cooperation by Shri Subhash Dubey, DIG, Uttar Pradesh Police and Rohan Verma, CEO & Executive Director, MapmyIndia.

ADG Police, Traffic & Road Safety, Shrimati Anupam Kulshreshtha, said “This is a historical partnership for better traffic delivery for citizens of Uttar Pradesh and we are proud to be perhaps the first state in the country to do this MoU with MapmyIndia. We have a lot of hard work to do now to take this initiative forward jointly. This will make traffic flow more smooth, regulated and flowing. Road safety too will be addressed.”

MapmyIndia’s Mappls app, a free 100% swadeshi app, that comes integrated with highly detailed and accurate digital maps and real-time navigation information, as well as now official planned road closures, advisories & real-time alerts from UP Traffic Police. Commuters can also give feedback and real-time alerts which the UP Police and MapmyIndia Mappls will validate and publish, so that there is additional consumer crowd-sourcing of information, which is professional moderated, so that there is even more collaboration for better traffic management, road safety and emergency services delivery. Mappls App by MapmyIndia provides many more unique and beneficial features in comparison to the default pre-loaded foreign maps app does not, and hence citizens are advised to download and use the Mappls app from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Rohan Verma, CEO & Executive Director, MapmyIndia said, “I thank the senior leadership of UP Police for this wonderful initiative to benefit the 23+ crore population of Uttar Pradesh, and reposing their confidence in MapmyIndia. Mappls is a fully indigenous platform and app, which focuses on delivering the unique and critical needs of all Indians with advanced maps and deep-tech. We are happy to be able to help commuters in UP travel hassle-free and safely, by giving them real-time traffic and safety alerts, in conjunction with UP Police. Ensuring better traffic and road safety is a collective responsibility of the government, industry and citizens. We hope all commuters will use the Mappls app, and benefit from its features which enable better and safer navigation. Additionally, the Mappls app allows users to post feedback and alerts traffic, safety and other community issues on the map, to help other users and also inform the government of hyper-local issues, so that those issues at those locations can validated, communicated to relevant stakeholders, and be resolved. We hope citizens use the app, so that collectively the state of Uttar Pradesh, and our wonderful country India, continuously becomes better”

The Mappls App by MapmyIndia will be available free to the citizens. The app will assimilate all traffic advisories, notifications, safety alerts for public use, enable public to share/provide feedback on any traffic/safety related issues, facilitate seamless and smooth operability to designated officers of UP Police, who will closely update these notifications on the Mappls app on a day-to-today and continuous basis, so that commuters benefit.

Some of the benefits of the MoU and of using the Mappls App:

  • Integration of daily traffic advisories such as procession, protest, rallies, VIP Movement, road closures, diversions with Mappls App
  • Integration of road safety information such as blackspots, dangerous turns, updated speed limit, accident prone zones etc.
  • Posting of these events through traffic event management platform of MapmyIndia Mappls
  • Display nearby locations of the facilities of government services on the map
  • Generate route options with estimated time of arrival and distance between two selected locations
  • POI navigation for helping users to reach desired location
  • Report traffic related issues such as speed, parking zones, water logging, road conditions & hazards, grid locks, traffic light failure, accident etc. through Mappls App
  • Real-time congestion information to traffic police in the form of alerts
  • Dynamic information on events such as accidents, vehicle breakdown, riots
  • Incident location tracking and fastest route option to reach the point of incidence/destination to all emergency services
  • Dashboard for visualization of the traffic conditions across Uttar Pradesh
  • Provide applicable speed limits on the roads as and when changes are made
  • Share designated parking areas for various cities of Uttar Pradesh
  • Coordinate with Ambulance operators in the state for sharing the information of current Ambulance positions with Mappls App


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