Varonis announces proactive incident response for SaaS Customers


Varonis Systems announced another milestone in its mission to deliver effortless data security outcomes with the launch of Proactive Incident Response. With this new offering, Varonis significantly reduces the pressure on customers’ security operations teams and improves their ability to prevent data breaches.

As part of their Varonis SaaS subscription, customers gain a global team of experienced incident response analysts who watch for suspicious activity, investigate alerts, and notify the customer of potential incidents.

“The investment we’ve made in Varonis has been immeasurable in finding and stopping cyberattacks. The Varonis team proactively reaches out to me with true incidents, rather than just surfacing more alerts for my team to manage,” says Scott Mercer, Director, Cybersecurity and Technical Services, KU Endowment. “I sleep better at night knowing that we have an extra set of eyes watching our environment.”

Beyond tactical assistance with incident response, threat hunting, and alert prioritization, Varonis security operations experts provide strategic guidance, customize threat models, and perform preventative actions to continuously improve customers’ data security resilience. 

“IT and security teams face an uphill battle when it comes to identifying and acting on potential signs of a cyberattack — and the widening cybersecurity talent gap means companies can’t hire their way out of this problem,” says Matt Radolec, Senior Director, Incident Response and Cloud Operations, Varonis‪. “We have countless success stories from customers who have called on our incident response team to help investigate and contain threats. With the release of our cloud-hosted Data Security Platform, we can now proactively review our customers’ alerts and stop threats faster.”

Proactive Incident Response is the latest announcement from Varonis focused on delivering effortless outcomes to customers. Earlier this month, Varonis announced least privilege automation, automated posture management, and a new customizable data security posture management (DSPM) dashboard.P

Proactive Incident Response is available now for Varonis SaaS customers. Varonis takes just minutes to install and provides data security insights instantly. Sign up for a complimentary Data Risk Assessment to evaluate your security posture and eliminate data exposure



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