Vertiv Powers Cell Sites and 5G Radio Networks with New Compact Outdoor Rectifier and Lithium-Ion Battery


Vertiv, a global provider of critical digital infrastructures and continuity solutions, introduced the new Vertiv NetSure IPE outdoor rectifier, to facilitate 5G rollout and enable operators to increase capacity in areas where demand for data is vast. These easy-to-deploy devices, available with lithium-ion battery backup, help to minimise power losses while feeding radios on top of towers and rooftops, common in these types of applications. The NetSure™ IPE R48-2000C2 is available now globally.

This outdoor rectifier supports telecommunications infrastructure in mobile networks and is ideal for use in network edge applications including 5G small cells, RAN, distributed telecommunications networks, and locations with high data demand, such as sports arenas, stadiums, public transport systems, airports, shopping and educational centers.

High consumption of mobile data in these areas can cause networks to suffer from capacity bottlenecks that are difficult to manage. The next generation technology of NetSure IPE R48-2000C2 outdoor rectifiers quickly and reliably powers the radios needed to increase capacity and expand 5G networks. If the grid fails, depending on load and battery capacity, lightweight and maintenance-free lithium-ion batteries efficiently keep the network running for an hour or longer, while operating at higher temperatures and charging faster than lead-acid alternatives.

“The increase of data traffic at cell sites and other high-demand applications at the network edge has accelerated the need for a reliable, compact and efficient outdoor power solution, suitable to work in harsh environmental conditions, Vertiv NetSure IPE provides an elegant DC power system that meets the challenges of these critical sites,” said Henrik Nilen, global director of DC power offerings for Vertiv.

“In today’s hybrid working world, connectivity and efficient power backup solutions are crucial to ensure business continuity. With the recent deployment of 5G networks in India, the amount of data created and generated by a remote and on-site workforce is anticipated to increase manifold,” said Mr. Dinesh Dhut, senior director, DC power/OSP (SEA & India). “In order to effectively manage the increased loads, it’s important for businesses to upgrade their existing IT infrastructure. The new Vertiv™ NetSure™ IPE series is a reliable new solution designed to support evolving business requirements at the network edge in order to enable uninterrupted business operations. We’re excited to be launching this new offering as we stay committed to constantly innovate our product portfolio to suit the quickly changing business landscape.”

Vertiv NetSure IPE features easy installation, multiple mounting positions, small size, and does not need to be configured prior to installation and launch. It can be powered through alternating or direct current; giving the end user the versatility to use the connection type best suited to the site and network. The rectifier meets IP65 rating for use in harsh outdoor environments, and it can be equipped with dedicated lithium-ion battery backup, for fast and easy deployment in public spaces.


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