WorkInSync join forces with Microsoft Team to provide a safe hybrid workplace


WorkInSync have launched an app on Microsoft Teams to further encourage enterprises to use their app and assist enterprises bring their workforce back to work. Brands such as; Airtel, Randstad, ABInBev, Dell and Google are just some of the enterprises using WorkInSync’s SaaS based application to bring back employees to a safe hybrid workplace.

The pandemic has transformed work and life over the last 24 months. While the impact on business has been severe, the ill effects of ‘work from home’ is felt among employees with the conflict between work and other responsibilities. WorkInSync have built a SaaS based platform to mitigate the risks covid presents and created a safe environment to bring employees back to work. Now with the launch of their app on Microsoft Teams, organizations can register up to 50 employees for free on the WorkInSync platform and bring their employees back to work. Using WorkInSync app for Teams, an employee can schedule themselves to work from either the office or home, book a workstation / desk when working from the office, using an interactive floor layout, check-in when working from home and even find where a colleague is working from – home / designated seat in office

Daniel Canning, director, Microsoft Teams Platform at Microsoft said “WorkInSync’s app for Microsoft Teams allows employees to schedule and book workstations with just a few clicks. This helps people better plan their return to the office.”

Adding to this Head of Administration, Facilities and Compliance, Bharti Airtel Ltd, Mr. Gaurav Singhal said “We were looking for a solution that could help us to plan our return to office with hybrid workplace. Post evaluating multiple options we finally zeroed in on WorkInSync to provide seamless experience to our employees, coupled with deep-tech integrations that we wanted to have. WorkInSync helped provide a digital version of theoffice premises, enabling employees to book their seats and or mark themselves to be working from home. The overall features help the Administration team to get the real-time status of seat usage and assists in planning the office space better. We are ready to invite our employee at more comfortable and digitally transformed workplace after second wave of Covid pandemic.”

The complexities of a hybrid workplace could be immense considering the flexibility needed in managing various preferences of departments and employees. WorkInSync’s experience in enterprise logistics management and an extremely efficient and innovative product employs the flexibility needed to run a diverse operation.

Co-founder and CEO of WorkInSync, Deepesh Agarwal said “During the peak of Covid we realised the need for India’s workforce to return back to office. The economic impact of covid will, ofcourse, be felt for years. However, as an Indian startup, it was our responsibility to contribute to the country through our innovation and help assist India’s workforce to optimise whether one was working from home or office. Today, WorkInSync does just that and we take immense pride in undertaking that responsibility”

With the app enterprises can plan hybrid workforce scheduling for both onsite and offsite employees. It also incorporates essential detection of health risks, masks, contactless check-ins. Besides, they can also track sanitization processes, visitor management, desk booking and various other services that ensure Government covid protocols are adhered to.

Cofounder and CTO, Akash Maheshwari said “The need for a connected workplace is integral in ensuring a covid sensitive environment. Our product is built in a way that build a connected workplace through seamless integrations and Open API hooks on the application”

WorkInSync’s product MoveInSync was launched in 2010 with backing from institutional investors like Saama Capital, Qualcomm, Inventus Capital, and Nexus Ventures. Now WorkInSync will operate as the umbrella brand in which MoveInSync is a key product.


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