Compuage and Microsoft conduct Channel Partner Meet in Mumbai


After organising training programmes for the sales champs, Compuage recently conducted channel partner meet in association with Microsoft for its Cloud Partners in Mumbai on September 11, 2018. The objective of the event was to bring in digital transformation for partners doing Microsoft business with Compuage.

The session was conducted by Mohammed Sadiq Pasha from Microsoft, Sushant Ranshur and Chirag Shah from Compuage. The session highlighted topics for digital enablement of partners, how they can benefit from various incentives and schemes offered. Over 30 partners attended meet.

Atul H Mehta, Chairman and MD, Compuage Infocom, said, “Engaging with our partners is an important step in engaging with end-customers. It is crucial to get a feel of the on-ground realities from the partners and such meets are a great way to stay connected. We expect growth of the company and in return growth of the partners in the year ahead.”


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