Joy Sebastian, CEO, Techgentsia Software Technologies | CRN CLS


In this video:
Joy Sebastian, CEO, Techgentsia Software Technologies
Topic: Make in India: Creating Product-Centric Atma Nirbhar Bharat

Key Highlights:
+ My first employer became our first customer of video conferencing solution in 2009
+ We have got our product uploaded on GEM through which we have got a lot of business
+ In 2020 Government of India initiated the video conferencing challenge and we won the INR 1 crore challenge at the peak of the Pandemic
+ NIC Cloud is using the Bharat VC solution made by Techgentsia and now using the paid version
+ Our solution is now selling through Sls and is helping us in getting new customers
+ The video conferencing software-based solution selling was challenging in India


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