Our newest partner programme, Engage, will enable our network to grow, accelerate, gain, and thrive: Marc Remond, President, APAC, Kramer Electronics


In an exclusive interview with CRN India, Marc Remond, President, APAC, Kramer Electronics, speaks about his organisation’s journey into the digital world. He shares that Kramer has undergone a significant transformation over the past three years, and the digital component of that shift is present throughout the company and its many roles.

He also talks about their newly launched partner programme, its relevance, approach, and business impact. Remond also highlights Kramer’s APAC business growth and product portfolio expansion, as well as the company’s competitive advantage and differentiators.

Remond says, “The duet strategy is our go-to-market approach. We refer to it in this way because we will market it in two different ways, one of which is through distribution, making it a two-tier model. One-to-one marketing is the alternative route to take. In essence, integrators purchase our products and solutions directly from us to resell to final clients.”

“According to the market, we no longer have a one-size-fits-all strategy. As an illustration, we’ll opt for full distribution, as we did in Korea, New Zealand, and the Philippines. Due to the size of the market, the two models can coexist in Australia and China. Distributors and substantial system integrators are present in those three geographies, to reiterate. In order to ensure that this strategy is applied to, say, local needs, we use the optimum route to market for each geography,” states Remond.

He also spoke about the importance of partner programmes and how Indian partners are driving digital transformation at their clients’ companies. In January 2023, Kramer unveiled a new channel partner programme.

“The partner programme is referred to as Engage, which literally translates as to enable our network to grow, accelerate, gain, and thrive. The partner programme’s name and organisational structure are both uniform on a regional and even worldwide scale. The qualification requirements may vary depending on the market and partner type. One of its primary differentiators is the fact that the Engage initiative is a glocal programme.

Remond wraps up by outlining several digital trends that partners should be aware of and why. According to him, “The convergence of AV and IT is a key market development, followed by USBC. Power over Ethernet, or PoE, is another trend, as is the transition from hardware to software and the entry of software giants into the AV industry. Finally, the change from more items to more experiences are all current trends.”


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