Expanded Data Storage in India Provides Flexible, Secure and Local Data Residency to Customers


LastPass has announced that it has expanded its global data footprint into India to better serve the APAC market. To support increasing privacy requirements and to improve our customer’s experience, LastPass will now include local storage in India.    

As the world becomes increasingly more digital, India is taking steps to be more compliant and privacy aware across organizations. In a recent LogMeIn study, 58% of APAC organizations felt remote work had exposed them to cyber risk. The APAC region is second behind North America in number of security incidents and breaches, according to the 2020 Data Breach Investigations Reportwith 4,055 incidents and 560 breaches, split evenly across small and large businesses. Of the 560 breaches, 88% of the time the data compromised was credentials. 

As a result, more and more businesses in the APAC region, including India, are adopting a position of awareness training and promotion of tools to enable them to become more secure. 

What does this mean for LastPass customers? Storage offered in India enables LastPass Enterprise and Identity customers to store their vault data in region. In this way, businesses may satisfy internal security requirements by having vault data hosted locally. Business admins can request that their vault data be stored locally in India instead of the United States. 

LastPass Enterprise and Identity customers will continue to enjoy all the same features and benefits and can now store vault data in the region (on and offline) with zero knowledge, access account deletion, and replicate and export data. Knowing where data resides is very important and having it stored in a region will help businesses implement improved security posture throughout their organization.  


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