LastPass Now Offers the Flexibility to Authenticate Into the Vault & Single Sign-On Applications With SMS Passcode, Voice Call or YubiKey


LastPass now provides the flexibility to authenticate into the LastPass vault and configured single sign-on (SSO) applications with SMS passcode, voice call or YubiKey 

LastPass delivers both personal and business customers with the flexibility to authenticate into the LastPass vault using any cell phone or landline via voice call and SMS passcode authentication. For LastPass customers who are not able to consistently use the Authenticator mobile applications, voice call and SMS passcodes will now allow them to add secondary authentication on top of their LastPass vaults to ensure their credentials remain secure.  

In addition, LastPass is also releasing voice call, SMS passcodes, and YubiKey support for business customers accessing single sign-on applications configured in LastPass. This provides additional options for LastPass users who may not want to use a hardware token to authenticate into their cloud applications.  

For Personal use 

For personal users, including our Free, Premium, and Families customers, you’ll be able to add a secondary authentication method onto your vault with voice call or SMS passcodes. 

Adding a secondary authentication method is recommended as it increases the security of your account by requiring more than just a single credential when accessing your LastPass vaultWhen you create or log into an account, you must enter a password in addition to authenticating via an Authenticator application, SMS passcode, voice call or hardware token.  

For Business Use 

For business users, SMS passcodes and voice call authentication will offer flexibility for employees who may not be able to utilize their cell phones during the day.  With these authentication methods, employees can set up a landline or desk phone as their secondary authentication method to ensure secure access. In the circumstance that a mobile phone is lost, employees can set up an alternative phone to provide authentication, so they are never locked out of their account. In addition to supporting these methods for the LastPass vault, LastPass now also supports voice call, SMS passcodes and YubiKey when authenticating into single sign-on applications.  

How do SMS passcodes and voice call work?  

When users select or Admins assign LastPass Authenticator as their authentication method, on their next authentication, they will also have the option to utilize voice call or SMS passcodes instead of the LastPass Authenticator application when logging into the LastPass vault or single sign-on applications


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