Havells implements AI solution for social distancing and workforce safety


Havells has announced that BLP Industry.AI, an enterprise AI and industrial IoT company, has partnered to provide their AI based technology product, “Trust AI” to help re-start Havells manufacturing units by enforcing social distancing to keep their workforce safe during these Covid-19 times.

TRUST AI is an Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Vision powered video analytics monitoring product that issues an alert when anyone is less than the desired distance from a colleague. It uses existing IP camera’s and CCTV cameras combined with computer vision to ensure social distancing is enforced, and when breached, an alarm is triggered. This cost-effective technology has also been trained to detect when people are not wearing masks, helmets, or safety gear. The alert is sent out via email or sms to a factory administrator. The application has a number of AI algorithms to ensure effective alerts and monitoring.

The software uses neural network models and mathematical models. This is achieved given Industry.AI’s experience in handling big data analytics, cloud computing, and complex machine learning capabilities. Combined with the ability to analyse vast amounts of real time data using a number of computer vision algorithms that provide the alerts.

“Industry is rapidly adopting AI and IoT technologies that help drive productivity, as well as keep our workforce safe. The AI and IoT solutions offered by Industry.AI deliver insights that help this digital transformation, and ensures business continuity,” said Anil Rai Gupta, Chairman and Managing Director, Havells India.

“Havells is one of the leaders in undertaking enterprise scale digital transformations though AI and IoT technologies,” said Tejpreet S. Chopra, CEO, BLP Industry.AI. “With Havells’ manufacturing expertise and their focus on employee safety, and Industry.AI’s enterprise AI and IoT capabilities, organizations can drive productivity, and ensure business continuity.”

“In the electrical consumer durables industry, this is a time of disruption. Futuristic companies are introducing technologies to make their operations more efficient, said Jayant Kapoor, Head IT, Havells. “By bringing together our domain knowledge in manufacturing and electrical durables, and the strengths of Industry.AI, we ensure efficiency, and workforce safety.”


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