Compton Computers connects ATMs of various banks with a central monitoring centre


The project was basically to connect ATMs of various banks with a central monitoring centre for managing and monitoring of ATMs. The challenges faced by ATMs are extreme and severe incidences of theft and human life threats are reported on a daily basis. Also, uncontrolled and unwanted expenses hit the bottom line of banks and ATM operators. Guards are becoming an extremely expensive proposition to manage ATMs plus add to additional overhead expenses.

Now the goals to be achieved are that firstly in case of any incidence occurring at ATM, immediate help should be made available before a theft takes place or any threat to human life occurs.

Secondly, in case of any incidence alarms could be raised, sirens could be buzzed, automatic call to local police station should go, two way communication can happen with the intruders and everything should be recorded for forensic purpose.

And thirdly, all appliances in the ATM should be controlled by automatic sensors so that they can be turned off and on whenever needed. Generally guards would sleep inside ATM with the AC on for the whole night, signboards are on during day time as guards forget to switch off signboards during the daytime.

Thus Compton Computers created a panel with it’s own processor and processing capabilities (through Raspberry Pie, in which Compton Computers load its machine language software) and made provision to connect to various appliances in the ATM ( like AC, lights, electric meters, signboards, CCTV, access controls etc) through sensors. These sensors are then connected to this panel through wires and appliances are connected to sensors.

Desired control and data inputs are gathered through sensors and processed in the panel. The collated information is sent to central control room through routers. At the control room, Compton Computers has elaborate software to accept data and give control to operators (like to switch off/ on lights, signboards, check electric meters etc).

With this now, the operator can check live feed of the ATM through CCTV, engage in a two way communication with intruders, buzz sirens and hooters, etc.

Compton Computers control room software lets the operators to take complete control of the ATM, manage and monitor it, make past footage available in case of any event, build analytical reports on which ATM is getting maximum theft attacks, which ATM is most efficient, kind of incidents that occur, reaction and resolution time of each alerts, etc.

Today banks like, HDFC, SBI, LVB, ICICI, IDBI, PNB are using Compton Computers’ solution. In all, the solution is deployed in over 15000 ATMs.

Compton Computers’ have capability to build, manage and operate, so this gives its clients an option to fully outsource the solution to them and need not worry on operating the solution, since it involves deep day to day live monitoring and management.

Compton Computers has a pan India operations for this solution so the company can service any remote location, which may not be easily possible. The solution offers precise and accurate information, which is the main requirement and it’s very unique to the solution.



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