Shro System provides 30 times more data efficiency to Pune-based firm


A global software development company headquartered in Pune wanted to digitally transform its huge software development work environment and make it more agile, flexible, highly available and scalable and global VM centric managebility and mobility. They also wanted an improvement in their production workloads and new test and development features. Also they wanted to spread the infrastructure across two location (Pune and Gandhinagar) and still maintain a seamless platform for the workload.

Shro Systems’ client’s initial requirement was 200 VMs with 30TB storage and 1.5 TB memory plus backup solution for the new infrastraucture.

They wanted a couple of things out of the project including highly available infrastraucture; do away with costly annual expansion upgrades; eliminate the need for expensive offsite DR; reduce backup and restore window; dynamic T&D environment; and a hyper scalable platform.

For this project, Shro Systems recommended and positioned HPE Simplivity380 which is a new age HCI solution. It eliminates the use of old traditional hardware and enhances the performance and business outcomes. Customer was excited with the hyper Guarantee Shro Systems offered with SimpliVity which gave assurance on offered solution.

Shro Systems also deployed an AI tool called Infosight which helped a customer to reduce operational expenses with automated wellness alerts, self-learning capability, service bot based call handling and overall asset manageability.

Prior to the deployment of Shro Systems’ solutions it took longer infra deployment cycles; the platform was not seamless across locations; the infrastructure was old and traditional with too many dependencies and competency required to manage it.

However, post deployment of the solution, it enabled faster VMs deployment, it made workload seamless across multiple locations and enhanced other features. Also, the client got a very high performance benefit with this solution, it achieved a spin-up of 110 VMs in less than 30 minutes and were able to host mutiple flavour of OS virtual machines in the same environment.

Shro Systems was able to deliver clear business outcomes to the customer using the new innovative technology solution. It is very unique as it was able to position a new technology innovation and prove the business outcomes in a traditional company of around 8000 employees which had very less virtualisation footprint.

Not only did it save them money but gave them a better technology and improved their productivity. With Shro Systems’ innovative approach of positioning a new tech with doing multiple tech sessions, POC, customer references and risking the deal by positioning a new solution, the company was able to show the customer a lot of business benefits.

The customer achieved more time for innovation. It enabled dramatic application performance improvement and also unified management and improved DR. It enabled simplification of their data centre landscape. Shro Systems’ solutions’ data efficiency was so effective that it gave the client around 30 times more data efficiency in their production systems.



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