Modernization trends in 2023


By Gautam Khanna, Vice President and Global Head, Modernization Practice, Infosys

As organizations are busy planning their 2023 modernization agendas to become future-ready, here are a few trends to consider:

Cloud will remain the foundation of modernization with focus on vendor neutrality and cloud management

Organizations will shift their focus from lift and shift to complete cloud modernization with respect to application, platform, and infrastructure, resulting in higher costs. In 2023, organizations will be more vigilant to cloud cost management and opt for flexibility in switching between providers while creating their cloud strategy.

Scarcity of niche skillset/talent will lead to adoption of low-code/no-code (LC/NC) platforms for app modernization

While overall attrition rate has cooled down lately, organizations are still struggling to find the niche skilled talents. With the increased demand for modernization with faster time-to-market and the shortage of niche skillset, low-code/no-code platforms gives a good option. These platforms provide democratization of app modernization with increased productivity and faster time to value. Organizations will adopt LC/NC platform to do more with less in coming years.

Modernization will be more scalable, efficient, and responsive with microservices

As organizations continue to leverage cloud for higher operational efficiency and scalability, we expect a pervasive adoption of microservices and containerization. With microservice, developers can break larger monolith applications into smaller modules to make focused changes without impacting every module. Microservices architecture with containerization will enable developers to separate each service and run them as individual processes, allowing organizations to scale their applications.

Serverless APIs will continue to have a large influence on modernization

API enables organizations to plug and play different systems together, creating more composable enterprises. Primarily serverless APIs that include cloud-based assets will provide autoscaling capabilities and consumption-based pricing models without the need to procure or manage on-premises servers. As a result, organizations will adopt it to improve their resiliency, agility, and customer-centricity. 

Security takes focus with DevSecOps as building safe applications becomes a priority 

Legacy systems often house essential data and transaction processes that attract security breaches. Many organizations will prioritize security in their modernization plans, and accelerate the adoption of DevSecOps to proactively respond to security vulnerabilities. 

In 2023 , organizations will try to find a balance between autonomy, flexibility, scalability, speed, cost and security while embarking on their modernization journey. 


  1. It is a very heart toughing poem as it is referring to those little children who don’t have anywhere to go and are unable to eat because of their shabby circumstances. thank you

  2. It is a very heart toughing poem as it is referring to those little children who don’t have anywhere to go and are unable to eat because of their shabby circumstances. good thanks


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