AIT circulates advisory as lockdown continues with no IT biz specific exemptions

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As per the Government of Karnataka announcements, after several considerations and reconsiderations, the lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic continues till 3rd May 2020 with no specific exemptions to IT Businesses as on date.

Bengaluru Urban is classified in the Red Zone with around 38 BBMP wards identified as hotspots.

While no IT establishments are permitted to resume functioning, movement of two wheeler movement is completely prohibited.

IT / ITES /BT COMPANIES which are providing services to the essential service providers are allowed to work with due permissions from the police and as per regulations stipulated by Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) / MY GOV.LOCKDOWN 2.0.

Under the given circumstances, AIT (Association for Information Technology) has circulated an advisory to its members which reads, “We as responsible citizens should strictly adhere to the guidelines laid down by the Health Ministry and the state government advisories released from time to time. Understanding the seriousness of the situation, let us not get too eager to venture out (to resume business as usual).”

AIT has also listed out certain safety measures from hygiene perspective which they are weighing as to how it needs to be executed post lockdown, they are:

  1. Temperature screening for all
  2. Requirement to provide sanitizers
  3. Requirement to wear masks and gloves
  4. What social norms should be followed inside and outside the shops?
  5. How to receive materials and how to issue materials?
  6. How to travel and where to park vehicles?
  7. What precautions to be taken when starting from home and on return?
  8. What all is permissible to be carried into the office premises?
  9. How to deliver to the customers?

The advisory also states, “AIT has formed various committees, including membership Committee, Fellowship Committee, Taxation Committee, Grievance Committee, Sports committee and CSR Committee. We shall share the details soon. We are also in the process of forming an AIT – COVID Committee which will help and support the fraternity with authentic information and material post lockdown.”

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