Compusoft unveils Covid-19 surveillance app to track home quarantined people


In order to monitor home quarantined people in real time, Compusoft, a Microsoft partner, has built a ‘COVID-19 Surveillance App’ using PowerApps that tracks health conditions of home-quarantined people.

The firm has created three apps for this situation for the government, the corporates, and the hospitals and it undertakes live surveillance, track, monitor, and provide real-time analytics to doctors, police, local bodies and frontline workers like utility staff of those who are home quarantined.

The app provides centralised data of all home quarantined people which can be used by the government, corporates, and hospitals all at once. They all can have the access of the data at the same time.

Some of the prominent features include its capability of integration with Aarogya Setu app to take the self assessment test, no down-time required for the deployment of the mobile app, data captured is completely secure with auto capture of the user details and the time of creation/update.

Many countries are using such apps to track Covid-19 patients to ensure they do not come out of their home and infect others. South Korea has recently launched wristbands for the people breaking quarantine rules. The wristband, which connects to the apps via Bluetooth, alerts concerned officials if the person leaves the home or tries to temper with the band.

It has been found that the hospital staff are often challenged to meet surge in number of patients while managing supply chain during emergency. By using the Emergency Response mobile app, frontline workers/healthcare staff can quickly view and add data for ventilators, staffing, pending discharges, and Covid-19 related patients. Compusoft provides apps and dashboards to provide visibility into available beds and supplies like masks and ventilators.

Devesh Aggarwal of Compusoft says, “The app for the government is mainly for surveillance of people put under quarantine and that data can be monitored round the clock to ensure they remain inside the doors. Secondly, the app for the healthcare personnel helps them to assess number of inventories they have, available beds and the data of corona-affected people being discharged and detailed monitoring of the patients.”

As a goodwill gesture, Microsoft is offering the app for free for six months, he informs.

Aggarwal adds, “The ministry of corporate affairs recently sought the help of private, public and LLPs sector players to help the government with modern tools for crisis management or crisis communications to tackle Covid-19 in the country.”

He points out that the firm is working closely with Microsoft which has deployed similar apps in the United States. He states, “Compusoft is taking those templates and emulating them in India. The firm has approached to 7-8 states in India including Odisha, Punjab and Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation among others and offered them Covid-19 Surveillance App.”

According to Aggarwal, the states are evaluating it and yet to finalise their decision on adoption of the app. “The speed at which it’s happening is not fast as I would have expected,” he remarks. He believes that instead of only focusing on the state government, the firm is reaching out to municipal corporations and district administrations as they are the frontline institutions tracking Covid-19 cases in the cities and rural areas.

How Covid-19 Surveillance App works?

*Capture the data of home quarantined individuals.

* Monitor the surveillance team details and the area visited including GPS location.

* View/update/create the data of individuals identified for home quarantine.

* Monitor the health status of the home quarantined individuals.

* Capture the close contact details along with approximate population in the building/society/area.

* Search for home quarantined individuals based on mobile number, name, area, building name, etc.

* Capture the photograph and ID proof photo of the individual.


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