TechM gearing up healthcare solutions to fight COVID-19

Venugopal Reddy Kandimalla, Senior VP, Global Head, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Tech Mahindra

While the current pandemic continues to disrupt the socio-economic order of the world, Tech Mahindra is working towards serving its customers by providing them innovative and end-to-end integrated healthcare solutions. The company is aiming at bridging the gaps in healthcare facilities, while enhancing the efficiency of physicians, hospitals, ancillary facilities, clinics, governmental health bodies, and public health organisations.

“We are customising our solutions according to the customer’s needs. In India, we are using our IP centric solutions in tele-medicine, emergency management, and computational research. Through tele-medicine solutions, we are bridging the gaps in healthcare delivery, especially at places with a lack of infrastructure thereby enabling access to healthcare during COVID-19,” says Venugopal Reddy Kandimalla, Senior VP, Global Head, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Tech Mahindra.

In the US, Tech Mahindra is providing nurse triaging capacity and digital customer care centres in order to help fight this healthcare crisis. Moreover, the company is also collaborating with other suitable partners to combat the ongoing situation.

Tech Mahindra leverages its strong industry and business process knowledge, coupled with its expertise in technology. Kandimalla informs that Tech Mahindra in helping the government various areas, especially in remote and tele-health management. Currently, it is working with government and non-government bodies in order to provide them the necessary support through its emergency management and tele-medicines solutions.

Additionally, Tech Mahindra is working on research and issues related to cybersecurity. Kandimalla states, “We have also designed an online curfew pass system for the Delhi Police to help them in managing and monitoring the situation. The digital solution has helped the police in reducing the turnaround time of essential service requests from three days to 30 minutes.”

With the rapid outbreak of the pandemic, there is a significant increase in demand for healthcare services. To deal with this, Kandimalla highlights remote patient monitoring and tele-medicine, which have the capability to fight against this pandemic. Similarly, COVID tracker and pandemic management solution can help in breaking the chain of Coronavirus spread and reduce the potential load on clinical staff. The company is also providing triaging services to help doctors prioritise patients’ treatment based on the severity of the condition or probability of recovery with or without treatment.

COVID-19 has led the world to a healthcare crisis, pushing demand for digital solutions and technology innovations to empower healthcare providers combat the situation. One of the main areas where the industry will witness a lot of disruption will be healthcare, leading to a surge in telemedicine services. Governments, IT companie and industry experts are talking about the need to increase the bandwidth of telemedicine services, especially during pandemics. The world is also expecting renewed interest and fast-track adoption of emerging technologies like 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) among others to establish the ‘new normal’.

Kandimalla adds, “At Tech Mahindra, we are working closely with our clients and partner ecosystem to develop solutions that can help in the early detection of COVID symptoms and effective management of the crisis. We are also using AI and data modelling techniques to monitor the disease spread and predict its progression. The AI-based solutions can also be helpful in creating an affordable warning system that can be used by masses for early detection.”



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