Evantage completes complex and large projects with many Fortune 500 companies

Sanjiv Khushu, CEO, Evantage IT Consulting Services

Beginning its journey in 2014, today Evantage IT Consulting Services is a well-established technology enabler in the space of IT services and solutions. In a short span of time, the company has proved that it is capable of carving a niche in a highly competitive business environment. The focus areas for the company are: IT enabled services, financial services, manufacturing, media, telecom, engineering, government and the public sector.

Data storage management, data protection and virtualisation
The company has been focusing on data storage management, data protection and virtualisation for a long time. “We have substantial expertise and skills around these technology practices. In the last few years, we have completed complex and large projects with many Fortune 500 companies and other big customer organisations in these technology areas. We are also looking at hyper convergence as an important growth area among the infrastructure technologies. It is already substantially adding to our revenue along with all flash storage,” says Sanjiv Khushu, CEO, Evantage IT Consulting Services. “Also, over the last two years, the company has diversified into emerging technology areas like analytics, mobility and cloud. “We expect to do a substantial investment in these areas so that in a short span of time at least half of our revenue is generated from these newer areas,” adds Khushu.

Evaluation of newer technologies
The company sees opportunity in quickly adapting newer technology areas. Khushu mentions, “All of our customers are investing in cloud, analytics, mobility, etc, from either digital transformation perspective or infrastructure transformation perspective. These are the two areas we are focusing on and are helping our customers within these two growth areas. Our job is to quickly help customers evaluate newer technologies, help them deploy solutions and derive a faster RoI from digital transformation initiatives. We see opportunity in quickly adapting newer technology areas and integration of lot of products and solutions in these emerging areas.”

Certified and trained personnel
At Evantage, it is ensured that people working on a project are certified and trained. Affirms Khushu, “We ensure all the people working on a project are certified and trained by the respective OEM. We also try to give a full life cycle exposure of a project to our engineers under managerial supervision before allowing them to work on a project independently. The KRAs and goals of a project are charted out with the customer before the start of the project and the goals are well defined.”

Skilled resource pool
Khushu acknowledges that acquiring new skills is a challenge. The company has to go through the entire life cycle of training the staff and giving them live exposure on projects. “As there is a shortage of skills in these areas in the market, we have no other choice but to go through this long cycle of creating skilled resources pool. The other issue is that sometimes customer expectations from a partner are not well defined. Too much overarching creates a lot of pressure on our technical staffs to handhold the customer through all aspects of the project, even if some of it may not be a part of our KRA in that project,” states Khushu. He further adds, “We also focus on up-skilling and re-skilling of our internal team. We invest substantially in this area as we believe that this gives our technical resources areas of growth, while also helping our customers to consolidate their connect with the same technical personnel across multiple areas. It helps the customer to consolidate the consulting advice given by our technical resources across a broad spectrum of technologies.”

OEMs, integral to business
Khushu points out that OEMs are integral and vital parts of their business. Being a key partner along with highly skilled and certified staff on a particular OEM’s products substantially helps the company achieve a good blended margin in a deal because of the consulting and services capabilities. “We are always seeking enablement from our OEMs for our technical and sales staff. We also look forward to a clear cut opportunity registration process. Once the opportunity is locked with us, we seek complete collaboration from the relevant account manager and pre sales manager so that a concerted proposal is given to the customer in the shortest possible time. We also look forward to a quick pricing support so that we are able to respond the competitive scenario with a quick TAT on prices,” he mentions.

Future road map
The company intends to hugely invest in emerging areas of mobility, cloud, hyperconvergence, all flash, data protection, analytics, IT automation, application security and cloud middleware. “We expect that in next two years more than half of our revenue will come from these areas. We will be building consulting, solutioning, integration services and skills in these newer areas,” asserts Khushu, adding that in the last two-three years the growth has been unprecedented. “We have doubled our revenue year-on-year basis, only because we have aligned ourselves with emerging technology areas where the growth has been unprecedented. We expect the pace of growth to be similar in the coming few years,”
he concludes.


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