HP engages Amplify partners for driving sustainability initiatives across the partners ecosystem

​James McCall, Chief Sustainability Officer, HP Inc

James McCall, Chief Sustainability Officer, HP Inc talks about the various sustainability initiatives taken by the company to engage its partners as part of Amplify Impact

As a result of decades spent working towards sustainability goals, HP is well-poised to continue to support the HP Amplify partner community with the resources required to identify potential gaps and provide the guidance necessary to achieve partner objectives. PC and Printing major HP Inc has taken several steps to push sustainability initiatives across all stakeholders. HP has reported good progress towards its 2030 sustainability goals.

Sharing deeper insight on the program progress at the Amplify Executive Forum in Dubai, James McCall, Chief Sustainability Officer, HP Inc said, “I’m proud of the progress we’re making by integrating 10,000 partners across the world into the sustainability program-Amplify impact. We’ve committed that we will cut our emissions in half by 2030. Today we’re about a 9% reduction, versus 2019. As we are selling more PCs, laptops and printers, we’re doing it with less emissions with a smaller footprint. We only have one planet. And so we want to make sure that as we grow, we grow responsibly.”

Driving 3x sales associated with Sustainability

The company is taking wider approach towards reducing the carbon footprints be it recycled plastic, third party certified recycled corrugated for packaging, reducing the amount of materials in the PC by weight, shipping and logistics and the emissions associated with that, it helps with a lot of different things. So from a circularity standpoint, HP designed and invented new supply chains. “We’re looking to expand our work we are doing in Haiti into Southeast Asia to start a second line up so that we can be locally recycling because we know ocean based plastic is not a specific problem to one region or one country. It’s around the world,” he explained.

HP’s goal is to become the most sustainable and just technology company by 2030, the HP Amplify Impact Program has trained, educated and empowered  1,400 plus  partners to drive change while maximizing opportunities with sustainability as a key competitive differentiator. HP’s commitment to Sustainable impact helped the company to win more than $3.5 billion in new sales in fiscal year 2021 representing a >3x annual increase.

Another major step towards sustainability direction is, HP has started engaging customers and channel partners. According to him, “We have reported 3.5 billion in sales associated with Sustainability in the last three years. By partnering with our vast global channel ecosystem, we can more effectively scale our goals in forging a path towards a better future for all.”

Resiliency, supply chain and Sustainability

The company strongly believes, Sustainability plays a role in resiliency within the supply chain. Looking at the high energy prices today for oil and plastics. Instead of being dependent on virgin oil on Virgin plastic, we can explore recycled plastic and recycled materials. The company thinks resiliency and sustainability go hand in hand. “Responsible sourcing and partnering with multiple partners that are working and doing the right thing. If you’re working with partners that have similar values and similar principles, that helps balance your risk as well,” he stated.

On the e waste collection, the sustainability chief said, “We’re taking back both the printers, the PCs and also the supplies. If I look at the supply side, like the inkjet cartridges and the toner cartridges, we’re quickly approaching the milestone of we’ve collected nearly 1 billion cartridges. On the hardware side we typically look for ways that we can collect larger volumes. So we’ll work with our enterprise partners who work with our retail partners or with our channel partners, like we have here at the Amplify Impact Program. And they’ll help collect the PCs or collect the printers, put them on a pallet and once we have typically over 500 kg. Then we can take them back,” James said.

Partners now part of Amplify impact

With over 10,000 partners embracing the new partner program-Amplify, the sustainability part is also getting expanded as part of the Amplify impact. Several Amplify partners have signed up as catalysts for change makers within the program. The company has a goal to get to 50% of its partners to sign up for the sustainability program by 2025. “HP acting alone can make a huge difference but HP acting with 1000s and 1000s of partners around the world can make an even bigger difference. We want to think global but we want to act locally with our partners,” he added.

With the QR codes partners could sign up and go ahead and register to be part of the Amplify impact program now. Furthermore, it has created a tool that can help them do a sustainability assessment for their own company. “The early partner’s feedback is that eight out of 10 found value in doing that assessment and that it helped them understand their footprint. We’re on a journey and we want them to come on this journey with us by looking at their own footprint, but then by also helping to understand how we engage customers,” James concluded.



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