VDA Infosolutions considering analytics domain for expansion: Deepak Jadhav, Director, VDA Infosolutions


Deepak Jadhav, Director, VDA Infosolutions believes that upgrading resources will ensure increased productivity and quality of delivery

Mumbai-based VDA Infosolutions started in 2010 with clear focus to bridge gap between tier 1 and 2 partners, especially the technical skills of tier1 partners and flexibility of teir 2 partners in the area of IT solutions and services.

“We had limitations of resources when we started, hence, decided to focus only on niche solutions that too for enterprise customers who normally go for such solutions. Storage and server consolidation, data life cycle management (DR/Backup/Archival/DR Drills) were gaining momentum at that stage and we plunged into it. Later on, we kept on adding related solution skills and result is in front of you all,” says Jadhav.

Going strong
Looking at the company’s track record since inception, it is growing at an average of 30 percent year-on-year. Lat year, it clocked the revenue of about ` 160 crore last year.

With a focus on enterprise customers, the company caters to BFSI, ITeS, manufacturing, and pharma verticals. With respect to solution, we offer solutions required in enterprise data centre like storage/server consolidation/virtualization, hybrid cloud building, data life cycle management, and security along with IT infra services, where it has deployed 900 plus resources out of total 1000 plus employees. And more than 20 percent are certified resources who deliver services in specialized technology areas.

“Our chosen technology partners are Dell EMC, IBM,VMware, Palo Alto, Cisco, Veritas, Red Hat, and Nutanix. In most cases, we are one among top 3 partners of respective OEM’s and have highest level partnership with respect to acquiring technical skills and number of resource. IoT, analytics and AI are emerging technologies and making relevance to business in the digital era. We are watching the development closely and have even started exploring the area of analytics as of now,” adds Jadhav.

He further highlights, “To be one among the leading solution providers, it should not be a one time effort. In fact, it is an ongoing process at every level even after momentum is generated. The success mantra at VDA is – keep upgrading each resource from top to bottom to ensure increased productivity and quality of delivery.”

Key projects
The company has deployed unique solutions in last couple of years, which inlcudes delivering 15000 VM’s, setting up more than 15 lakh IOPS at single location, securing 3 way replication for banking applications, setting up a large private cloud for a BFSI company enabling them run business critical applications, deploying large IBM I series server with migration of applications from old to newer setup, analyzing entire backup/archival strategy and architecting solution with successful deployment and exceeding agreed benchmark performance, and deployment of large mobility solutions as well as state-of-art security solutions.

“All these projects are unique or pioneering as well path breaking too. We have already deployed sizable number of hyper converged infrastructure in last couple of years, though it’s still an emerging technology,” states Jadhav.

Meanwhile, as a leading IT solution provider, the company is helping its customers in their digital transformation journey. “A few of the enterprise customers have already invested in in-house skills to chalk out plans for digital transformation. We work closely with them to bring their plans into reality where success is quicker,” points out Jadhav.

Looking forward
The company has always embraced newer technology at an early stage and invested in it, even if from the revenue generation point such decisions don’t make much of the sense. But the moment the technology gets matured, VDA seems to get benefitted the most out of it.

“Looking at the current trend of SDDC, we have clear focus on HCI, security, mobility and hybrid cloud offering. A few large projects in each of the areas are already in the pipeline, which we expect to close in the next 2 quarters,” concludes Jadhav.


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