We are the most admired VAD in the country: Suresh Pansari, Rashi Peripherals


Suresh Pansari, Co-founder and Managing Director, Rashi Peripherals talks about how the company came out of traditional ways of distribution business and in turn, offered more value to customers

As one of the leading Value Added Distributors (VAD) in the country, Rashi Peripherals has witnessed almost three decades of continuous growth in the IT distribution space. With more than 9000 Partners based across 750 cities and towns of India, the company’s Infrastructure constitutes of 51 branches and 51 service centers connected on SAP ERP.

Growth story
Rashi has grown consistently over the years. After being nearly 28 years in the distribution industry, today, Rashi among its partners, vendors and channel media is acclaimed as the number one Value Added IT Distributor in India. “We are the most admired VAD in the country. We firmly believe in providing more value to our customers and consumers. We came out of the traditional ways of doing distribution and directly approached our customers to know their need and challenges. It’s easy to help them once we know about their need,” says Pansari.

To penetrate into the vast Indian market, some of the leading IT and Mobile brands have shown their trust in Rashi Peripherals. ADATA, AMD, APC, Apple, Asus, ECS, Fitbit, Google, HP, Intel, Logitech, Lenovo, Leadtek, Micron, Nvidia, Plantronics, SanDisk, Toshiba and many other world renowned brands are some of the company’s vendors. The company has created a strong IT infrastructure. Their unique marketing platform has helped their partner to hold strong.

Infrastructure, manpower, and technology is the right combination
“We believe that infrastructure, manpower, and technology upgradation within the organization is the right key to sustain in the market and provide a quality service. We have implemented SAP so that all the branches across the country, can be integrated online. We were first to implement SAP in all over India,” asserts Pansari. As he mentions, “SAP implementation was not easy for us. In the distribution industry, it is very difficult to take such steps. We had to face a lot of challenges. But, we always pushed back the challenges and sustained as true VAD.”

Rashi Peripherals and Digital India
Since the company is not into solution selling business, it does not provide its solution to the government. But, the company works indirectly to contribute its services to the government. “We are talking to various integrators who are supplying solution to the government of India. They are our customers, so we work as an indirect link in providing service to the government,” adds Pansari.

Future outlook
“We are amongst the top 5 IT distributors in India. And, in next few years, our goal is to take this rank to 3. We believe that if you are completely dedicated to your company and keep the hard work up, nothing can stop you to achieve your goals. So, we will keep on the hard work and dedication to do better and provide quality service. We will maintain CAGR of 25% year over year. Also, we will continue having an all-round growth in Components, Peripherals, PC, Networking, and Mobile business. We are also aiming to bring world’s best brands, products, and solutions to the Indian consumers,” he adds.

In terms of expansion, Rashi Peripherals aims to reach different towns and cities. Also, the company is looking forward to distribute products and brands available in more than 500 districts of India. “We aim to increase our penetration to more than 900 towns in next two years. The company can also step towards new technologies like IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and 3D printing,” concludes Pansari.


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