ZNet Technologies: Big strides in cloud solutions

Munesh Jadoun, CEO, ZNet Technologies
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ZNet Technologies has been in the space of IT and cloud solutions provider to over 100K plus customers across the globe. ZNet has been working closely with Microsoft, AWS and IBM on cloud technologies and enterprise solutions in India. All solutions based on leading technologies are built in-house by ZNet’s development team. The business units of ZNet include ZNetLive (domain registrar and provider of cloud and web hosting services), RackNap (cloud delivery platform for cloud solution providers, datacenters and telecommunication services providers), ThemeChilly (WordPress and Joomla themes provider) and TrustP (a platform for domains and hosting resellers).

Emerging technologies have fundamentally changed the lives of individuals and have brought with them new revenue generation opportunities for service providers when enterprises and SMBs undergo digital transformation. “Most enterprises and SMBs assume that the migration and management of processes, especially associated with the adoption of new technologies, will be difficult for them. However, we have found that the transformation is easier and remains within budget, if enterprises don’t do all by themselves. The technological advancements can be handled easily by going to specialists – the managed services providers – service providers like us, who understand the nitty gritty of it all and have the technical competence, much needed years of expertise, along with technically trained resources,” says Munesh Jadoun, CEO, ZNet Technologies.

Sharing an experience of how Netleon Technologies increases profitability and drives customer satisfaction with ZNetLive managed cloud services, he explains, “Netleon Technologies started experiencing issues related to hosting their website and MIS solutions. With the number of users of their software and applications running in millions, and with handling crucial government projects, Netleon couldn’t afford any downtime. They also needed 24/7 availability of their hosting provider’s technical support staff.” Millions of users accessed Netleon’s developed apps and software at the same time, so the company also needed scalable resources.

“Our sound technical team helped them get to the core of the problem, by understanding their programming language or sometimes, coding and guiding them accordingly. They also needed scalable resources that allowed them to optimise their resource usage and pay for the resources only that they used,” states Jadoun.

The team at ZNet Technologies has wide ranging certifications from Microsoft, AWS, Redhat, etc., and over 40 per cent of the team is certified in these technical domains. “We have internal KPIs for our teams to ensure that they work/get trained in other domains too. We do cross-deploy resources in other teams to ensure that they get a good sense of what goes into other teams,” adds Jadoun.

Future road map
ZNet Technologies is having a consistent growth YoY. With 100K plus customers across the globe, the company has been experiencing quick growth and recognition from leading brands, like Microsoft (CSP), AWS (Channel Reseller Partner) and to more recently becoming an authorised Plesk distributor in India. “In the future, we have plans to introduce more products, based on new technologies, to our customers,” concludes an optimistic Jadoun.

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