10Times launches ‘FLOOR’ on its SAAS platform oDASH to enable virtual networking


10Times, a business events discovery platform provider has launched “FLOOR”, an innovative virtual event solution to fill the gap, unaddressed by conferencing tools like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Zoho, etc. FLOOR aims to assist millions of live events such as buyer-seller meets, tradeshows, conferences, seminars, summits, meetups, etc.

A trillion-dollar event industry is at stake in the wake of the massive Coronavirus outbreak and single session video live-streaming solutions cannot address its needs. FLOOR, as the name implies, brings together the different aspects of an in-person event, from the reception to the networking lounge.  Using multiple live-conferencing formats as building blocks, this virtual solution enables one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many interactions to build almost any type of events of a virtual ‘FLOOR’.

In the current usecase, FLOOR focuses on events due to its founding team’s decade long experience in the event industry. To address key requirements, the team has packed this solution with essential features like audience polls, Q&A, social forum, user matching for networking, content sharing, etc. essential to keep users engaged and host a valuable live-event. However, instead of trying to replicate in-person events and its experience, FLOOR leverages the advantages of technology to amaze both the event planners and the participants. This state-of-art virtual technology provides a safe and digital real-time correspondence between singular and multiple parties without compromising on the privacy and ethical concerns of the end-user.

An insightful and much-anticipated product crafted by 10Times, FLOOR is an effective alternative for physical meetings and seminars in the wake of the global corona pandemic. For the event industry that is struggling to fight the lockdowns around the world, billions are at stake and millions of jobs are at risk. FLOOR unlocks the much-needed option for event planners world-over to leverage their brands virtually, in parallel to their physical events in due time. Event planners can effortlessly add and manage speakers, sponsors, or exhibitor profiles through the program’s onboarding features. The ticketing, space booking and sponsor signup open the essential monetization channels to keep the show going. Additionally, paid subscription options to access content and session recordings opens new opportunities for event planners.

Atul Todi, CEO & Co-founder, 10Times said, “With the unprecedented and crippling impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on global businesses, effective physical interaction and live engagement is sadly off the cards for an indefinite period for a large audience. During such times of immobility, FLOOR aims to bring the community together and allow unlocking of opportunities through events”.

FLOOR is secure and does not require any prior downloads. It can be scaled to host millions of users and works across all devices. So while the world awaits a vaccine to go back to normalcy, 10Times hopes to continue doing what it started off to achieve – “Connecting opportunities”.


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