4 Million housewives dominate ‘Emerging Segment’ of the Indian SMB ecosystem using digital platform: Study

The digital India opportunity has seen the emergence of 4 million women home makers as resellers1 in 2019 states an Endurance-Zinnov study undertaken to determine opportunity that exists for Web professionals as a market to tap. The study ascertains the total the small and medium business (SMB) base to be 75 million in 2019. Of this, 67 million are categorized under traditional segments such as retail, manufacturing, hospitality, logistics, while 8 million are present in the ‘emerging category’, that comprises of women resellers, content creators, driver and delivery partners. The emerging category is 100 percent digitally influenced (i.e. SMB having access to digital infrastructure (PC/Smartphone and Internet), unlike the traditional SMB segment, states the report.

Interestingly, the 4 million housewife resellers surpass select traditional verticals of real estate, ITeS, and education in the number of SMBs that are digitally influenced.

With the growing reach of the internet and India’s appetite for entrepreneurship, Indian housewives are increasingly using social media like Facebook and WhatsApp to take advantage of the e-commerce rise and reach customers. This is further fueled by the access to easy and convenient online payment options. Housewife resellers are doing business of various lifestyle and clothing products and eatables.

Mitika Kulshreshtha, VP – Marketing, Endurance APAC, said, “It is exciting to see that women home makers are leveraging the digital opportunity to be financially independent and empowering their dreams”.

She further added, “Web professionals, that collectively includes web designers, developers, digital agencies, and any business that helps other businesses and individuals get an online presence, have an opportunity to become a trusted advisor and partner to women whose primary role is home makers, but want to establish a source of income through social and digital commerce. Web professionals can help them with services such as websites, social media pages and digital advertising to grow their influence and reach”.

Endurance International Group fuels millions of small businesses and web professionals worldwide with products and the technology that they need to vitalize their online web presence and digital marketing capabilities. In India, it caters to small business owners and web professionals through brands such as ResellerClub, HostGator, Bluehost, and BigRock. These brands provide the products and services needed to build a web presence, be found in online searches, increase productivity through email marketing, and more.


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