Adivid Technologies releases Vehicle e-Pass System for essential services during Covid 19 lockdown


The Vehicle e-Pass System is a platform developed by Adivid Technologies to ensure essential and authorised services to move and work smoothly during the lockdown period and provide a simple mechanism for getting permission digitally and rapidly from police or other authorities.

All essential services organizations like medical, food supply chain, etc can apply for pass through a public URL filling all required information and respective police department can then verify and approve e-Pass. It eliminates the need to physically visit the Police Station or traffic branch physically.

On approval, services organisations can download the e-Pass from the same link and keep it with them while traveling. It consists of name, vehicle number, validity date, and a QR code. On scanning QR code, the police personals on ground can see and verify the details.

Currently, ePass system has been made available to Maharashtra state police

“Advid technologies was incubated at Digital Impact Square, a TCS foundation initiative. Following Tata’s group philosophy of giving back to society, we are making the ePass system available for free to all police departments and corporations across the country,” Kovid Sawla, CEO, Adivid Technologies.



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