AgNext & Tea Research Association set up AI excellence Center


India’s leading AgTech startup, AgNext Technologies in collaboration with the Tea Research Association has successfully set up an AI Excellence Center at Tea Research Institute, Jorhat. In this collaborative effort, AgNext Technologies will fully work on solving the quality quotient of the tea industry with artificial intelligence, IoT, and data-driven technologies. This excellence center will focus on innovation, improvement & enhancement of the tea quality across the supply chain & build sustainability at the core.

The AI Excellence Center is formed to research the blend of artificial intelligence, algorithms, automation and big data/analytics to build cutting edge business solutions to drive the tea industry forward in global markets. This center will also be a go-to destination for Academia and Industry for technical know-how, knowledge, development of unique technologies and application areas.

AgNext has also built multiple solutions for commodities like spices, grains and Milk. The company is aiming to solve the old-age prevalent problems of the $1.65 Billion Tea industry with the amalgamation of computer vision, IoT and molecular science.

AgNext has already deployed a digital ballometric solution – TRAGNEXT that determines the Fine leaves count and surface moisture level of Tea Leaves without human intervention and removes the subjectivity from the quality assessment process. Now at the AI Excellence center, AgNext will work on developing the solution for multiple level quality problems from garden-to-cup. At AI excellence center, AgNext will focus on digitizing the quality across all the midstream processes from procurement to final processed tea through advanced technologies thus, aiming to reduce operational & quality losses by bringing more transparency, standardization.

Dr. Anoop Kumar Barooah, Director of Tea Research Association said on the collaboration, “Tea industry is one of the oldest industries and has huge potential for innovations from the garden to retail. And most of the tech giants are located in metropolitan areas, making it difficult to understand the problems of this industry and work closely with Tea stalwarts to build solutions. This AI Excellence center will be an innovation hub to bridge that gap between experimentation and mastery”.

Taranjeet Singh Bhamra, CEO and Founder of AgNext said, “We are building strong relations with the industry to understand the grass-root problems & build solutions for them. By partnering with TRA, we are able to bring the latest innovations, build a more technologically enabled, future proof method to meet the goals of industry. We are expecting incredible changes ahead with the growing ubiquity and power of new technologies which blend artificial intelligence, algorithms, automation and data sciences to drive business forward.”

Customer satisfaction has also become essential for AgNext to meet the ultimate business goals. AgNext has also set up its customer support department to maintain a high degree of customer satisfaction post the deployment of the TRAGNEXT solution. The company believes in empowering its customers with information, service assistance, upgrades, and repairs of any kind at the customer’s convenience. Some of their customers in the Tea Industry include Goodricke, Rossell Tea, Bokahola Tea and more.


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