Avast Business launches Secure Private Access to provide Zero Trust Network Access


Avast has announced the release of Secure Private Access (SPA) by Avast Business, providing zero trust network access to medium- and large-sized companies via managed security service providers (MSSPs) and managed service providers (MSPs). Built with both the end-user and MSSP/MSP in mind, Avast Business SPA takes both a user and application-centered security approach in which authorized users are granted access to applications, but never the network.

As the enterprise evolves and the cloud environment expands — especially with 42 percent of the US labor force now working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic1 — businesses must change to meet the demands of remote, mobile users. Today’s users expect to seamlessly work from anywhere and from any device, which traditional remote access VPNs can’t support, especially without the necessary security required to accommodate these demands, or the heavy burden of maintenance on IT resources. To fill this gap, Avast Business SPA empowers companies to separate their security from the data center and leverage the scalability and reliability of the cloud.

By eliminating redundant and tedious functions of legacy remote access VPNs — which are difficult to configure and route traffic inefficiently — Avast Business SPA takes a user-focused approach that securely connects users to company apps, regardless of whether they are privately or publicly hosted, while providing fast, seamless, and secure access. Intended to serve as an alternative to the inbound VPN gateway, Avast Business SPA services make deployment simple and scalable, eliminating infrastructure overhead.

“Our new Secure Private Access offering enables Avast Business channel partners to provide a much needed bridge between enterprise-grade security and today’s remote workforce,” said Vita Santrucek, General Manager, Avast Business. “It is a more secure and seamless way to access critical applications, and it’s all in the cloud, making it simple for partners to manage. As we continue to navigate the current pandemic and what the office environment will look like moving forward, organizations can rest assured knowing that their employees and data are safe – no matter where they are.”


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