Blue Prism survey shows COVID-19 has spurred adoption of RPA solutions in India’s financial services sector


Blue Prism released findings from its survey report titled “RPA In The APAC Financial Services Sector”. The report, which surveyed business leaders with more than ten years of experience in financial services across India, revealed that almost half (49 percent) of financial services organisations in India currently use robotic process automation
(RPA) 1 solutions and technologies. COVID-19 was a strong impetus for organizations from
India, with 21 percent of respondents saying that RPA solutions and technologies were
implemented during the pandemic, about double the average rate across all markets
included in the report (11 percent).

The report surveyed business leaders from five key markets – Singapore, Malaysia,
Australia, Hong Kong, and India. Most of the organisations in India currently leveraging RPA
do so in departments such as finance and IT departments – standing at 88 percent and 69
percent respectively.

Robert Dewar, Vice President, Financial Services, APAC, said: “The strong growth of
RPA and Intelligent Automation adoption in India bodes well for the competitiveness of
financial services organisations here as they accelerate their digital transformation efforts to compete on local, regional and global levels. As the awareness of the tangible business
benefits of RPA solutions and technologies increases, we can expect to see significant
improvements in business agility and resilience in the India market. Blue Prism is dedicated
to helping companies leverage enterprise-grade technologies to increase productivity and
efficiency, as well as augment their workforce capabilities.”


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