Commtel enters into an enterprise agreement for its AI and Analytics Solution with Quality International


Commtel has entered into an enterprise agreement with Quality International (QI), UAE, a leading (process) equipment manufacturer and turnkey provider of total integrated solution to the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) sectors. As part of the multi-year agreement, Commtel will be transforming QI’s operations through its Artificially Intelligent software solution, CN-SHIELD.

The agreement signed between Commtel and QI entails Commtel to digitally transform all aspect of QI’s operations, allowing the company to control operations remotely across all its facilities and, most importantly, to predict conditions and failures, ensuring the safety and security of QI’s human assets, equipment, and the physical estate. CN-SHIELD has been built on nybl’s AI platform.

Shriprakash Pandey, CMD, Commtel Networks said, “The systems at a Critical National Infrastructure and companies servicing the CNI sectors presently is a combination of legacy technologies and new digital solutions giving rise to the challenge of getting data AI-ready expensive and time-consuming. The industry’s collective digital transformation is widening the surface for threat actors to attack. The risk profile of a CNI and its ecosystem has broadened with the increasing use of digital, connected, smart IoT (IIoT). CN-SHIELD leverages nybl’s advanced ML technology combined with the deep CNI domain expertise of Commtel, to ensure that there isn’t a trade-off between security and digitalization. QI using CN-SHIELD reflects the interconnections and interdependencies inherent in a CNI ecosystem. It is a partnership for a collective defense.”

Quality International has multiple facilities throughout the UAE, totalling over 400,000 square metres of mixed-use space and employing over 1,300 people. “Commtel will be deploying the AI-powered CN-SHIELD to modernize, standardize and automate the QI workplace, allowing QI to monitor and respond effectively to potential risks and establish a modernized and secured digital workplace. We wanted a partner to not only enhance our digital transformation journey but who could eliminate the need to have significant resources to implement sophisticated AI programs to stay secure and advance digital capabilities on our own,” said Aneesh P. V., Director, Quality International.


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