CtrlS certified as a Great Place to Work


CtrlS has been certified as a Great Place to Work ;for the fourth year in a row. Keeping employees happy is a priority for the company. This has resulted in high employee satisfaction and lower attrition. It has had a very positive bearing on its customers reflecting in the net promoter score (NPS) of 70, which is regarded as the best in the industry.

CtrlS has over 500 employees drawn from IIMs, IITs, NITs and other best technology & business schools. The organization practices Employee First philosophy which was reflected in its trust index score. The company was also assessed through cultural audit (people practice assessment) during the survey. The company has 80% of its employees who have been with it for over five years. The hiring process at CtrlS is aimed at attracting smart, knowledgeable, skilled, and motivated people who have the basic quality of working in teams and possess strong interpersonal skills.

The company is among a handful of data centers in India to be certified as a Great Place to Work. The Great Place to Work India survey covers around 2 million employees, 4,000+ organizations resulting in certification of about 700 of them spread across 20 plus industries.

Mr. Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Green Man of Indian Datacenters and Founder and CEO, CtrlS said, “I am happy to note that CtrlS is certified as Great Place to Work for the fourth year in a row. This recognition truly stands as a testimony to the fact that our workplace culture stands among the best in the world. We have focused on fostering teamwork, collaboration, camaraderie, a culture of trust, innovation, and higher levels of productivity despite working from home due to COVID-19 pandemic, and most of all delighting customers and helping them achieve their business goals.”

CtrlS provides fast tracked growth for high-performing individuals, in fact 68% of its leadership team has grown from within the ranks. The average age of employee is around 26.5 years. Employee friendly policies includes work from home, paternity leave, maternity leave, educational loans, health insurance, international job assignments including facilities such as food court, sports and fitness, food facility for night shift employees, home-drop facility for employees, doctor-at-office, activity engagement of employees and families in the form of family day, children’s days, women’s day, festival celebrations, sports competitions etc.

he company has also opened doors for differently abled people and LGBT community. It is an equal opportunity employer and has been attracting even women who have taken a sabbatical due to domestic circumstances such as child-birth, or other situations.

CtrlS offers industry best reward and recognition programs for its employees, recognizing them through quarterly and annual awards – where certificates, awards, cash prize, laptops, mobiles, motorcycles, and cars are gifted to extraordinary performers.

The company also has one of the best ESOP plans and has issued ESOPs to its top performing employees. It plans to create 100 millionaires from among its employees over the next five to seven years period of time, truly reflecting its philosophy of creating and sharing wealth.


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