Cyware and Ivanti announce global partnership to scale the fusion of IT Ops and SecOps


Cyware announced that it has integrated its Cyber Fusion platform into Ivanti Neurons for ITSM, ITAM and UEM solutions to orchestrate and enhance the discovery, management, protection, and services required for enterprises to eliminate costly, manual processes, to automate IT Ops and SecOps workflows seamlessly for enterprise teams. As part of the Ivanti-certified integrations, Cyware also announced it has joined the IvantiOne Partner Program.

The integration of Cyware with Ivanti Neurons helps joint customers connect the dots for unified, automated workflows that activate service management processes, orchestrate asset discovery and automatically respond to threats across hybrid enterprise environments. This helps organizations realize an autonomous edge, delivering unprecedented automation to deliver self-service capabilities that self-secure and self-heal across the Ivanti Neurons ecosystem.

Cyware’s next-generation SOAR and multi-source Threat Intelligence solutions help deliver highly scalable IT servicing and automated threat response infused with curated intelligence by building cross-enterprise IT, Security, and Risk workflows. Together, Cyware and Ivanti help bridge the gap between IT Ops and SecOps to help teams build a collaborative, centralized approach to delivering contextual visibility, availability, data integrity, and resiliency.

“As the transformative growth of the digital organization explodes, it places more pressure on IT Ops to manage more tickets, identify all assets and protect employees and devices,” said Nayaki Nayyar, executive vice president and chief product officer, Ivanti. “By integrating the Ivanti Neurons platform with Cyware’s Cyber Fusion solutions, we’re making an enormous leap in building connectivity between IT Ops and SecOps. The enhanced automation, orchestration and response capabilities from Cyware make managing cases, and automatically protecting assets and endpoints frictionless.”

Integration Details:
Cyware’s CSOL and CFTR integrated into Ivanti Neurons for ITSM
Ivanti is modernizing service management from IT to lines of business, helping IT deliver more value while improving the employee experience. Cyware is the force multiplier that gives teams enhanced, automated workflows to simplify the cybersecurity workflows alongside service management flows to make the business more secure and compliant with precision efficiency.

Cyware’s CSOL and CFTR integrated into Ivanti Neurons for ITAM
Ivanti helps provide complete visibility for consistent asset management from procurement to deployment to disposal to save time, reduce resources and downtime and substantially decrease risk for IT Ops. Cyware works with Ivanti to give teams a 360-degree threat visibility across the asset ecosystem to put IT and SecOps teams in position to manage and protect assets from anywhere, anytime.

Cyware’s CSOL and CFTR integrated into Ivanti Neurons for UEM
Ivanti delivers unified device management capabilities to cut complexity and costs while delivering actionable insights and self-healing automated remediation. Cyware integration with Ivanti enhances a team’s capability to better protect endpoints with automated incident response capabilities so that cybersecurity is as efficient as device management, in the same environment.


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