DP World expands Digital Focus with New India Tech Centre


DP World has taken a new leap in its drive to open up new markets and offer innovative trade solutions with the opening of a technology centre in Bangalore, India.

The new Bangalore office is the second technology centre to be opened by DP World this year, following Hyderabad in May, while a third, at Gurugram, is set to open in the coming months.

Employees will take on a variety of roles – from developers, product and project management, quality assurance and automation, UX Design, system analysts and system design — fulfilling DP World’s vision of building technologically advanced integrated services to help trade flow. Selected through a rigorous recruitment process, the staff represent some of the brightest minds among India’s technology talent pool. They now have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge applications of heavy automation, AI/ML and robotics – such as DP World’s unique proprietary Box Bay technology and Cargoes Finance.

DP World’s presence in the Indian technology market has grown rapidly to match its ambitions in the digital trade sphere. At the beginning of 2021, the company had just 50 employees in the country. This number has already grown to more than 450 with the opening of the first two offices. As this exponential growth continues, employee headcount is expected to reach as many as 800 by the middle of next year.

The office was inaugurated by Mike Bhaskaran, Group Chief Operating Officer of Digital Technology, and Pradeep Desai, DP World’s Chief Technology Officer.

Mike Bhaskaran said: “The trade and logistics industry is ripe for high-scale automation. Our teams will be working towards making existing solutions more efficient and building new solutions – from conception to execution – helping deliver a seamless flow of trade from the ground up. We are creating prosperity by offering every business and every producer transparent, controllable access to global markets at the click of a button with our end-to-end digital eco-system.”

Pradeep Desai added: “What makes us different at DP World is that the ownership of the product is here with us. We are conceptualizing new products to offer our customers. This means our developers, managers and analysts are involved in co-creating solutions from the ground up and owning the software development process from the beginning to the end. Engineers will get to work on exciting technologies like Blockchain, IoT, AI and ML, all of which are heavily used in automating trade flows.”

Across the industries in which DP World operates, trade is moving from analogue to embrace new digital solutions. DP World is leading the acceleration of this trend, helping drive efficiency and transparency. Our global logistics solutions are opening up markets to traders, while financial solutions such as Cargoes Finance, enable small producers around the world to fund their trade ambitions


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