Eton Solutions selects Singapore for its International headquarters and launches new Administrative Family Office Solution worldwide 


Eton Solutions, developer of the cloud-based AtlasFive enterprise resource platform (ERP) for the family office of the future, today announced the launch of its Administrative Family Office solution and the establishment of its international headquarters in Singapore. While the Americas region will retain its primary focus, Eton Solutions’ international headquarters in Singapore will enable the organization to streamline its access and support to international markets without relying on North American resources.

Eton Solutions Administrative Family Office (AFO) is a wealth management technology platform that harnesses the power of the company’s cutting-edge AtlasFive® software and award-winning service offerings into a single solution thereby democratizing access to the technology used by some of the largest family offices in the world.

Family offices can thrive within a reliable operating environment to steward wealth across generations with exciting investment opportunities, international connectivity, high standards of living, and robust tax and regulatory regimes – making Singapore a nexus of the global family office industry.

The establishment of Eton Solutions’ international headquarters in Singapore comes at a time when family offices in the island state are growing rapidly due to the country’s emergence as a global financial center. Based on estimates from the Monetary Authority of Singapore, there were about 700 Family Offices at the end of 2021, almost double the 2020 year-end figure of 400. This makes Singapore an attractive hub for executing international and regional operations.

Eton Solutions, Executive Chairman, Satyen Patel said: “Singapore has become a major destination for family offices globally. Its geo-proximity to over half of the world’s ultra-high-net-worth individuals, and connectivity and working relationships with the major economic powerhouses of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and the Indian sub-continent makes it a prime location for us to serve international markets.”

Eton Solutions’ international headquarters will focus on serving all markets outside the Americas, including Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Selecting Singapore as the company’s international headquarters is a strategic move, given the country’s geographic placement that enables efficient access to these markets.

The company’s new AFO™ solution takes advantage of this recent family office activity in Singapore and is available immediately worldwide. Eton Solutions and its AtlasFive® platform is the only family office software available in the market that is built for a family office by a family office.

The AFO harnesses the standalone power of the company’s cutting-edge AtlasFive® software and couples it with its services suite, synthesizing it into one robust solution. This one-of-a-kind offering is a friction-free, budget-friendly, fast-track solution that democratizes institutional technology access to all sizes of family offices, allowing them to focus on what is truly important.

“There are many family offices, specifically those within the US$100 to US$500 million of assets under management, that want access to cutting-edge technology like AtlasFive® but may not have the resources or time to implement such a comprehensive platform,” added Patel. “Through a combination of services and technology, our new AFO™ makes the software used by the largest family offices in the world available to family offices of all sizes.”

Through a single integrated web and mobile application, the AFO™ allows clients to experience family-level governance, complete visibility into their wealth, seamless management of complex investments, and tracking of private assets, all within a secure, accurate, and high-quality data infrastructure.

Leveraging Eton Solutions’ suite of services, family offices no longer need to outsource their middle and back-office operations to different providers because the AFO™ creates an entirely digital and integrated client-centric experience from investment reporting to accounting and document management to tax support services.

Family offices can choose from three AFO™ collaboration models, depending on their level of need. All models include standard features such as core accounting and reporting, transaction processing, interactive dashboards, best-practice workflows, a mobile application, and a virtual mailroom.



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