Fireside app marks debut to get Indians talking again


India’s first audio only social media app fireside has made its debut in the country. The first of its kind platform engages into talks and thought sharing with folks in a complete audio format. 

“The pandemic has imbued uncertainty and isolation, leaving people craving for human interaction. Fireside enables users to listen to the voice of their loved ones by bridging emotional gaps, leaving them emotionally touched and connected.  With a keen focus on building rich communities, fireside aims to cater to the Indian market with clubs and groups that are tailored to suit local needs and sensibilities,” said Sumit Ghosh, CEO and Co-Founder, Fireside.  

“Fireside creates safer space for communities, breaks barriers, nurtures creativity, gives platform to every voice, builds connection and notably, it makes Indians to get talking. It comes with the founders’ vision of ensuring the voice of every Indian is heard by creating a space for communities to come together and discuss their issues and interests. With fireside, even those who are minimally literate, can open their ideas up for the world to hear,” said Aditya Kothari, Co-founder, fireside.


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