Genesys celebrates partner success at the 2022 APAC Partner Conference


Genesys recognised its partners with several partnership excellence awards during the 2022 APAC Virtual Partner Conference for their proven success in advancing and elevating the customer experience (CX) and delivering superior business value for customers across the region.  These awards were presented to the partners for their continued drive towards excellence, commitment to CX, and growth of the Experience-as-a-Service market.

Based on the achievements of partners during the fiscal year 2022, CS Infocomm Pvt Limited. was awarded top honours for India as the ‘India Partner of the Year’, and Tata Communications Limited. was recognised as the ‘APAC Disruptor Partner of the Year’. These winning partners have successfully delivered best-in-class customer offerings by leveraging Genesys platforms, uniquely tailoring offerings to each individual customer and orchestrating empathetic customer experiences at scale.

During fiscal year 2022, more than 70% of Genesys customers used the company’s public APIs to customize the customer experience to meet their unique needs. Partners are essential in identifying and curating a selection of integrations and applications that solves unique customer challenges while delivering significant business impact. In the fiscal year Genesys had more than 50% of new bookings influenced by partners and an increase to the number of partners in the AppFoundry® Marketplace by more than 35% year-over-year.

“The partner community are enablers of our experience orchestration vision in APAC, effectively ensuring we jointly deliver on the ethos of providing personalized and empathetic experiences at every customer touchpoint. Made possible through our vibrant ecosystem of technology, deployment and strategic partners, today, we celebrate their contribution for elevating CX and bringing about innovative transformations in the industry,” said George Aprane, VP Channels & Alliances APAC, Genesys.

 We look forward to further changing the game with our unique partner-centric offerings and driving partner differentiation in the market, enabling us to deliver the best business outcomes for both partners and customers,” added Aprane.

Harnessing the AppFoundry ecosystem

There is also a tremendous opportunity for Genesys AppFoundry in India, given it is one of the largest start-up hubs globally. The Genesys AppFoundry is the industry’s largest dedicated marketplace focused on customer experience solutions. With over 500 AppFoundry solutions giving customers new AI, Digital, and WEM capabilities, the goal is to offer the most useful solution-centric marketplace for all Genesys platforms in a single location. This presents an opportunity for all innovators to partner with Genesys, solve the user’s needs, enhance customer experiences, and reach new audiences by joining the diverse and innovative marketplace.

Genesys APAC Partner Award Winners for Fiscal Year 2022:

  • India Partner of the Year: CS Infocomm Pvt Limited.
  • APAC Disruptor Partner of the Year: Tata Communications Limited.
  • Australia Partner of the Year: Nexon Asia Pacific
  • New Zealand Partner of the Year: Spark New Zealand
  • Greater China Partner of the Year: eSOON China Limited.
  • Japan Partner of the Year: Global TaNK Co., Limited.
  • Korea Partner of the Year: GS Neotek
  • SEA Partner of the Year: PT Phincon
  • APAC Migration Partner of the Year: QPC
  • APAC New Partner of the Year: Customer Driven Solutions/ Beyond CX
  • APAC Cloud Partner of the Year: Telstra
  • APAC Partner of the Year: NEC Corporation
  • APAC Marketing Impact Partner of the Year: FUJITSU Limited.



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