Hewlett Packard Enterprise announces new virtualisation capability to provide simplicity, performance, and time-to-value at lower risk


Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced the expansion of its hybrid cloud offerings with HPE virtualisation capability for HPE Private Cloud. It combines open-source kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) with HPE’s innovative cluster orchestration software to support the high performance and availability required for demanding enterprise workloads. Its virtualisation clusters are managed through a cloud-based control plane, which removes the need to dedicate valuable resources for on-prem management. At the same time, HPE’s virtualisation capability is designed to remain highly available, even when disconnected from the cloud.

“To truly realise the promise of hybrid cloud, companies are recognising the need to take a ‘hybrid by design’ approach that delivers a unified, platform-based cloud operating model, while providing flexibility, control, and freedom from lock-in,” said Hang Tan, Chief Operating Officer, HPE Hybrid Cloud. “To help address these demands, we’re excited to expand our hybrid cloud offerings with HPE virtualisation capability for HPE Private Cloud. The combination of our full-stack hybrid cloud capabilities and our open, hybrid cloud ecosystem makes HPE GreenLake cloud the future-proof hybrid cloud destination for enterprises. HPE GreenLake cloud has a proven track record of being customer-first and we are committed to open standards and multi-vendor, multi-cloud support. As part of this commitment, HPE will continue to partner with other industry leaders in virtualisation and container technology, supporting the runtimes that enable the best solutions for our customers’ needs.”

Fully integrated with HPE Private Cloud, providing intuitive management experience, data protection and automated lifecycle management
HPE’s virtualisation capability is offered as part of a fully integrated private cloud solution, built on HPE’s leading compute, networking, and storage capabilities. Customers adopting HPE Private Cloud with HPE’s virtualisation capability will benefit from a simple and intuitive management experience. This includes automated Day 0, Day 1+ operations, two-click VM provisioning with integrated data protection, and automated lifecycle management.

Customers will also experience the full benefits of HPE’s natively integrated HPE Alletra Storage MP platform which provides high performance for data-intensive workloads and highly efficient data reduction. HPE Alletra Storage MP allows to scale up and scale out independently to optimise for individual workload requirements, and it now extends data replication to the public cloud with its software-defined storage (SDS) capabilities. Through HPE advisory, professional, and managed services, customers can further protect against operational and technology risks while achieving faster time-to-value.

HPE Private Cloud enables both virtualised workloads as well as cloud-native and AI workloads, with support for virtual machines, containers, and bare metal. Companies selecting HPE Private Cloud gain native integration with HPE hybrid cloud services such as data protection and cyber resiliency (Zerto, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company), as well as AI-powered IT operations management (OpsRamp, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company), along with leading third-party integrations. All of these are delivered under a unified, platform-based cloud management model through the HPE GreenLake cloud.

HPE is the first vendor offering a full suite of hybrid cloud capabilities
With the addition of its new virtualisation technology, HPE becomes the first vendor to offer a full suite of enterprise-grade capabilities and services across the hybrid cloud technology stack. This includes:

⦁ Modular private cloud infrastructure with AI-powered automation
⦁ Network virtualisation and segmentation (HPE Aruba Networking)
⦁ Data mobility with unified experience across private & public cloud, leveraging SDS (HPE Alletra Storage MP)
⦁ Complete set of runtimes (virtual machines, containers, bare metal) and AI frameworks
⦁ Multi-cloud, multi-vendor cloud services for IT operations management (OpsRamp), data protection and cyber resiliency (Zerto), as well as sustainability reporting (Sustainability Insights Center)
⦁ Unified, platform-based cloud control plane (HPE GreenLake)
⦁ Advisory and professional services, managed services, and financial services

By integrating HPE’s full suite of capabilities along with third-party support, HPE is particularly attractive when customers want a single vendor to minimise technology and operational risk.

Up to 5x TCO savings1 with a three-step “hybrid by design” approach
Enterprises can achieve up to 5x TCO savings1 when they adopt HPE Private Cloud and partner with HPE to modernise their virtualised IT estate. HPE has established a holistic, three-step approach:

1. Optimise – Leverage HPE Cloud Physics to right-size customer virtualisation footprint, and benefit from the architectural advantages of HPE Private Cloud solutions to optimise TCO
2. Modernise – Partner with HPE Services to accelerate the adoption of cloud-native and AI platforms, leveraging HPE capabilities such as Zerto data migration, HPE’s container and virtualisation capabilities, third-party solutions, and HPE’s Public Cloud partners
3. Simplify – Abstract the complexity of managing multiple environments across Private and Public Clouds by leveraging the unified operating experience of the HPE GreenLake cloud platform and HPE’s natively integrated hybrid cloud services that are multi-vendor and multi-cloud by design

HPE’s virtualisation capability was previewed at HPE Discover 2024 and is expected to be released first as part of HPE Private Cloud Business Edition in the second half of 2024.


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