Hikvision launches walk-through metal detectors for detecting critical safety threats


Hikvision has introduced the Next-Gen Walk-Through Metal Detectors ISD-SMG1118L. These walk-through metal detectors help in detecting critical safety threats.  Hikvision continually innovates, improves, and transforms security for people. With accurate detection and user-friendly operation, Hikvision’s Walk-Through Metal Detectors keep traffic flowing smoothly at checkpoints and ensure high-quality security you can rely on. Hikvision’s walk-through metal detectors can add value in unique security applications today.

Key Features:

  • Accurate detection of a wide range of dangerous items: Networking with the Hik-Central Professional Platform Up to 18 independent detection zones, People Counting and threat alert functions. With help of this Walk-through metal detector Magnetic, non-magnetic, and metal alloy weapons can be identified. Detect metal objects as small as coins and set off an audio visual alarm upon detection of any target object.
  • Adjustable zone sensitivity:Distinct sensitivity levels (0-999) meet specific security needs and improve inspection efficiency.
  • People counting and alarm distribution data:In-depth analysis of alarm locations and passenger flow.
  • Up to 18 independent detection zones: Locate the position of single or multiple objects more quickly and precisely. 
  • Networking with the Hik-Central Professional Platform: Supervisors can easily and remotely configure and manage installations.


  • Easy to Install & Operate
  • Password Protection
  • Self-Test During Start -Up
  • Large screen LCD Display

Application Scenarios

The application scenario for Next-Gen Walk-Through Metal Detectors ISD-SMG1118L, includes Government Buildings, Amusement Parks, Airports and Railways Logistics industry, Hotels and Prisons.


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