Hoonartek collaborates with Snowflake


Hoonartek – A Global Data and Analytics service provider, headquartered in Pune, India announced its “Select” partner status with Snowflake – The Data Cloud. As a “Select” partner, Hoonartek will be enabled to accelerate the digital transformation journey of its joint customers who can leverage the performance, flexibility, and near-infinite scalability of the Snowflake Data Cloud. Hoonartek has achieved the Select partner status within a quarter of establishing its Snowflake Centre of Excellence (CoE).

Hoonartek CEO, Peeyoosh Pandey said “We recognize the value Snowflake’s platform offers, and are excited to deliver this value to our customers globally. We are investing in a strong Snowflake practice with a focus on the complete value chain of the customer’s data journey.”

With over 12 years of experience building Data Pipelines, Data Engineering and Data Monetization services for customers globally, Hoonartek helps customers accelerate the cloud modernization journey with minimal disruption to their business operations.

Hoonartek CSO and Co-founder, Amit Raj said, “From our beginning, we have been a partnership-driven Organization.  We look forward to establishing a successful partnership with Snowflake for the benefit of our customers.”

“Hoonartek and Snowflake offer a powerful combination of capabilities to streamline the digital modernization process for our joint customers, further supporting our goal to mobilize the world’s data,” said Vimal Venkatram, Managing Director, Snowflake India.

Hoonartek and Snowflake have partnered with the goal of empowering joint customers to embrace cloud adoption for enabling real-time data applications. Hoonartek connects customers to Snowflake Data Cloud and works with them to implement use cases for segmenting and targeting customer data and delivering cloud-based data solutions to enterprise customers.


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